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August 22, 2013

The Final Countdown

Course overview L&L

L&L SL Course Outline 2013

Elmore Leonard one of my literary heroes died died this week. Here’s a great review of one of his novels by another brilliant writer Margaret Atwood. The ever reliable Onion had this to say about his death. Here’s a passage from Pagan Babies that we will use. Elmore Leonard

Here are Elmore Leonard’s “Ten Rules for Writing.” Justified a series based on a Leonard short story has just ended its fifth season. An excellent series in my opinion! Leonard thought so too. This tribute to Leonard has just been published on the interweb.

So our first unit of work will revolve around the work of poet Eavan Boland. We will start with a short oral assignment which will in fact be a FOA. Here’s what that will look like.

boland anthology

Here are a couple of documents that provide you with some statistical information regarding IB exam performance in L&L.

ENGLISH A Lang and Literature SL – Scores – 2009-2013 – CAK

ENGLISH A1 SL – Scores – 2009-2013 – CAK

Finally here’s our first activity the 7-Word autobiography. A great way to introduce yourself to the class.

And finally a great blog entry on how to be insufferable on Fbook.

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