Grade 6: The Exciting World of Graphic Design


Image Credit: Japanese Graphic Design by Maryellen McFadden via Flickr CC

Original Graphic Created by: Shinnoske, Inc,

I love graphic design.  I hope you learn to appreciate it through this unit.

This is the video we’ll watch in class:


If you are interested in graphic design, this is another video I found by a graphic design student from Portugal, which I think is kind of cool:

THE ELEMENTS OF DESIGN Presentation Used in Class.


Image Credit:


YouTube Playlist

Pixlr Tutorials

Grade 6: Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on blogs is essential for our learning. It’s important that you are sharing all the cool things you are doing at school and in your life and it’s fun to read what other people think about our posts.  As a blogger, I realize that sometimes it is intimidating to put your work or thoughts on the web for everyone to read.  But, I definitely think it is worth it!

We are going to do a practice commenting activity (in class – on PAPER!) with this post from me:


This isn’t one my best photos, but it is one of my favorites. This is a picture I took when I was sitting behind Mr. Lemley on the Rokko Lines on a cold, clear winter day. I think Lola is in his lap looking out the window, but you cannot see her in this photo.  I love how the red of the bridge contrasts with all the train line and mountains in the background.  I have leading lines on my photo created by the train tracks that draws a persons eyes from the foreground to the background. I used a filter on Instagram that really brightens up the train track and makes the red really stand out compared to the darkness of Mr. Lemley’s back in the foreground.




Grade 6: Analyzing & Sharing your Photography

Today we are going to work on analyzing photographs. I want you to start thinking and speaking like a graphic designer and photographer.

First, let’s analyze this together:


F Train by David Troyer

Then you’ll work individually and with a partner to analyze a photo I have given you in class.


Lastly, today, I want you to create a blogpost to post your top 3-5 photos from the past week. Please make sure you embed the photograph (it should almost fill your middle column of your blog, but not look skewed) and then write a short paragraph explaining the elements of photography and design that you are demonstrating in each photo.

Here is an example:


In this picture, Lola is picking and eating mikon from a farm. I used the rule of thirds and put her in the right third of the photos.  The focal point of the picture is here, but also the mikon stand out due to their vibrant orange color against the green leaves and grassy background.  I also like that she is peeling a mikon in the picture, because this shows action in the shot.


This is how you will be assessed:

Here are some amazing photos that were in National Geographic last year:

Take a look!  Get Inspired!

Grade 6: Basic Photography Skills


I’m excited to start our first unit of visual literacy and graphic design/photography for the first semester of grade 6 Design.

Here is the presentation I used in class today:


Like I said in class, the more you practice and look at photography, the better you will get at it. Here’s photography that inspires me. (From our class, can you identify what the photographer uses to make his photos interesting?)

I can’t wait to see your pictures next week!