Of course, this assignment is much more serious than the title let’s one believe… I do want you to taste and review at least three types of chocolate over the weekend.

One helluva box'a'chocs

Ned Trifle via Compfight

Please remember not just to eat the chocolate, but think like a designer:

What is the cost per chocolate?

What does the packaging look like?

What does the chocolate product look like?

What does it taste like?

Think about how did the company created the product.

Please include your inquiry in a blog post.


Secondary School Blog Round Up: August-September 2015


Falcon New Cl

The blogs are buzzing with so much great learning and reflection.  This blogpost is just a small sample of the number of blog posts that have been written since school has started this year!  Please read and comment on student blogs.

There is alway a lot of great learning, reflecting, service and activities going on at CA.  Here are some student posts that highlight all of this great learning in and out of school.


Read what Masao wrote as he analyzed 3D printers and their ethical use in Japanese class.

This past month, all middle school students went on trips to foster teamwork and friendships and learn more about nature and Japanese culture.  There are many fantastic blog posts about individual student experiences.  Check out a few here: Piya’s trip to Green Echo, Aki’s trip to Awaji and Haruki’s trip to Wakasawan.

This summer a few students and teachers went to Tohoku to continue CA’s work with area schools after the horrible earthquake in 2011.  Read Shaun’s blogpost about his service and impact from his Tohoku trip this past summer.

High school art classes are sharing their work and reflections of their first pieces this year. See Aya’s and Hina’s artwork and reflections here.

This year, Drama students are using their blogs to showcase and reflect on their work.  Watch Ahmad’s group as they perform a movement sequence and read more about the process and his reflection. Sohan also shared his groups’ performance and he reflected on how they created still images from a song.

All students and teachers at CA are required to create goals to improve our learning and performance. All students post their goals on their blogs.  Check our your child’s blog and see how you can support them with their newly created goals.  Here is an example of a tenth grade student’s goals by Kyu-Hyeok.

In Japanese class, Jessie wrote a blogpost for a reading response to her independent reading.

Grade 10 students have been diligently working on their Personal Project and have started their inquiry.  They will be documenting their personal projects through their blogs to share with the community.  Here are some examples of this year’s projects: Karuna’s, Fayaz’s and Min-Suk’s .

Saakhi posted about her art class field trip to the Kobe Biennale Museum.

Grade 6 & 7 Design Challenge: Learner Profile POSTER

Image Credit: IBO

For your design challenge today, I want you to create a poster for ONE of the IB Learner Profile traits. If you do not have graphic editing software on your computer, I highly suggest you use:  If you need help using the application, there are great tutorials, found in the links below:

YouTube Playlist

Pixlr Tutorials

Please keep in mind the elements of design.  A good starting point is to find a cool graphic that you like and then try to mimic the design elements.

This poster should be portrait.  Please set up the size to be like this, so we can print it, if necessary:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.34.47 PM

I found this on the web and I think this is a good example of a professional-looking poster.  I would prefer you use photography rather than clipart.  You don’t have to use photography at all, if you just want to play with typography, color and layout.

Image Credit:

So let me review the design specifications for this challenge:

Include a learner profile attribute (with a description is nice, but not necessary).

Use Portrait layout

Follow the Elements of Design (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity)

Use all of your own media or other CA owned photos

Please save your file as .png (File > Save).  Please put it in your Design folder (that is shared with me).  This should be done by the end of class.

What is Sustainable Design?

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.01.33 PM

Image credit: Practical Action

First, go through this presentation –



Now, I want you to do some deeper independent inquiry into sustainable design.  Please choose from the following activities to write your own blogpost on.  This will be due at the end of class.

Your blog post must begin with a statement about what sustainable design is and include visuals (cited appropriately) and links.  You should write in a clear and engaging manner.  Please give the blogpost and engaging title and categorize your post design and grade 7.

Sustainable Design Blogpost OPTIONS:

  1. How would you design a more sustainable lunch for Cezar’s Kitchen? (include images/sketches, etc. so your readers can visualize your meal).
  2. Design a sustainable party bag (including contents) for a five year olds’ birthday.
  3. Find a sustainable company and write a post explaining how they are sustainable and why people should purchase their products.