Design Inspiration: Future Farming Video

Get inspired by remarkable products designers are making around the world!  Find opportunities and problems around you to design and create new products.

Have you ever thought of a 3-D FOOD Printer?  I’m not talking about one to make donuts on repeat, but one to truly solve food problems in our world.  It’s a great idea, but really consider its impact.  What are the pros and cons of machine made food?  Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Grade 7: Student Charity Projects

How do you compassionately impact the world?

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As we continue through this Design project, I want you to always keep this in mind.  You should create a high quality chocolate product that:

Tastes Good

Looks Good

Is Nut-Free

Has a High Profit Margin

Has a successful marketing campaign

but always remember the Thai Kids you are sending to school due to your hard work.  The more products you sell, the more scholarships we can provide for students less fortunate than you.

Here are some other cool (university) student service projects that raise money for charity.

Grade 7 Humanities Resources for Graphic Design

First we will play with this Thai Kids Advertisement.  Please make a copy of this slide to develop a high quality graphic.

Then you will use these resources to create your graphic for Humanities class.  Please remember that once you have the content, it is very important that you create a clear and engaging graphic to communicate your information.  Please remember the Elements of Design – CARP!

Poster Template



Image Credit: Paper Leaf

Grade 6 – Graphic Design Practice

Today you’ll have some time to look at the feedback given to you on your graphic design practice. I was happy with what you turned in! For “new graphic designers” you are really producing great visuals.  They will only get better with more practice!

Image Credit: UC Research

(I can’t find the original artist – let me know if anyone does, I love this!)

Before we start analyzing different graphic designs and going deeper with our inquiry, I want you to adapt the two graphics on this presentation to make interesting graphic designs.  Make sure you are thinking about the elements of design. You can do anything you want with these slides – there are no rules, except the elements of design.

So, you will have 5-10 minutes to do this.

  1. Open the Presentation
  2. Make a Copy
  3. Replace “copy of” with your name
  4. Save in your Design-6 folder
  5. Move, adapt, create beautiful graphics with the visuals/text on the the slides.
  6. Share!