Food Design 9: Pastry Dough

Rolling the Mini Pie Shell

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This week is one of our last skills weeks before you start your first design food project. We will be learning about how to make a pastry dough.  On Tuesday, we’ll make the dough, then we’ll use the dough on Thursday to make a few different types of foods with the versatile pastry dough.  This week you can even choose your own food/groups.  But, no more than 4 to a group.

Before we meet on Thursday, I want you to watch at least two videos from this food photography playlist.  It’s important to be able to take good photos of your food.  Your dishes were amazing last week and I’m excited to see what you create this week with our pastry dough.   Think about these photography skills and techniques when you photograph your food on Thursday.

Grade 6: Storyboarding

Creating a storyboard is essential to making a good video or longer film.  It’s important to organize your ideas and think about how you will create your product.  What shots will you take?  What type of media do you need to put your video together?

Today I will show you this clip to demonstrate storyboards and we’ll discuss how final products are often different from the original design/storyboard.

Here are extra copies of the storyboard template if you need them.

Grade 9: Knife Skills Practice

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction Photo Credit: Yoona
Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction
Photo Credit: Yoona

I was really proud of what you created today.  All of the food was delicious and you all worked together really well to create, clean and share!

Miso Soup Photo Credit: Johanna
Miso Soup
Photo Credit: Johanna

As promised, here are the recipes.

We won’t meet again for almost two weeks due to the holiday next week.  Try one of these recipes at home for your family and keep practicing your knife skills!