Design 7 – MYP Design Course:

Digital & Product Design: Materials and Food

Unit 1: Upcycling & Design Cycle Review 

Inquiry: What impact do resources have on design?

Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability

Key Concept: Development

Related Concepts: Adaptation, Form, Resources

Unit 2: Production (Humanities Integration)

Inquiry: How can I create a project that will be in high demand?

Global Context: Globalization and Sustainability

Key Concept: Communities

Related Concepts: Innovation, Form, Resources

Unit 3: Honor the Creator (Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons)

Essential Question: How can I be a responsible creator?

Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Adaptation, Collaboration, Innovation

Unit 4: Basic Programming Unit & Game Design

Designers adapt the form and function of a game to communicate concepts to make it accessible to the user.

Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation

Key Concept: Aesthetics, Communication, Logic

Related Concepts: Form, Function, Perspectives




3 Comments on Grade 7 Units

  1. Hi Julie,

    I am teaching MYP Design in the American International School in Lusaka. I am really interested in chatting with you about you Honor the Creator unit. I think the idea is fantastic and I would love to pick your brain on how you teach it.


  2. Hi Dana,
    I’d love to talk about it. It’s one of my favorite units to teach and I learn new things every year. Please email me julielemley AT or jlemley AT with any questions. I have some blog posts regarding the unit (usually January from the past few years) with some resources I use.
    I look forward to connecting with you,


  3. Hi,

    I am teaching Design in Australia, I am starting to develop a programming/game unit and would be interested to chat re your unit. Thanks Nicola

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