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What Will You Create This Year?

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a fantastic summer.  I did and I’m ready now to start designing & creating great things with you.

I can’t wait to see all of you again and meet all the new students.

I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the summer.  Please do the same and share some of your photos on your blogs.  Tell us all about what you did.

See you soon!

Lola riding on the oldest carousel in North America. And trying to catch the brass ring for a free ride!
It was HOT in Georgia this summer – watermelon, mint and feta salad was a perfect treat!
One of our porch lizards
Beautiful gate and Spanish moss at Wormsloe Plantation

Nara Photo Contest WINNERS

FullSizeRender_1I’m sorry this has taken so long for me to post.  I know that you have been waiting patiently for the results…

There were so many amazing entries in the Nara Photo Contest.  It makes me also want to do one for our Kyoto Trip, but with it the day before summer vacation, it’s a little tricky.  I have another idea that I’ll share in June.

I am super proud of your photography.  You took some great shots that really captured the beauty of Nara in Springtime and our trip.

I went low tech on this one and made a mini gallery near my room on the 4th floor to display the winners and Honorable Mention photographs.

Come check them out next time you are walking by.  Here’s a little teaser:


The Winning Photographs of this contest (chosen by the Grade 6 Team Teachers) are: Kianah, Ragini, Mark and MayaFullSizeRender

Please come pick up your prizes after lunch on Thursday.

But to all of the photographers with work on the 4th floor: Your photographs are fantastic. You have used the skills you learned first semester to create interesting images from our trip.


Keep taking pictures to capture all the amazing things you see!  You can even share them with the @cadesigntech Instagram account if you want to share them with our community and for me to continue to share them out.  However, once it is on social media, it can easily be grabbed by someone else to use, so consider this.  Watermark your photos if you don’t want people to just take/re-use your photos.