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331/365: rawr

Guido Gloor Modjib via Compfight

You’ve created a basic PONG or MAZE game in class.

Remember, start with simple game concepts while you are honing your coding skills.  Once that is working and you have a completed game done, I want you to add to the game:

  1. Add a second (or even more!) levels:

           2. Add a counter/score

At the end of class today, you will get feedback from your fellow designers:

+ What is something that works well or is interesting/creative?

– What is something that is not working or could be improved?


You are the Designers of the Next Generation


First, let’s start with this cool, extravagant, product, the pancake bot:

This is definitely an example of a remix.  This was probably born due to a love of pancakes and thinking about how popular 3-D printers have become over recent years.

Now, I also want you to take 10-15 minutes to look through KickStarter.  We’ll have a discussion when you are done.

CA Blog Round-Up: September & October 2014

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CA students frequently post their work and reflections on their blogs.  Blogging is a way for learners to share what they are learning, show growth and collaborate with others. This is a highlight of student blogposts from the last two months.

Please feel free to send any more submissions to or add more post links in the comments.

Read about Karuna’s Service Reflection as an emcee at the ACCJ Walk-a-thon

Band classes are using a lot of self-reflection and videos so students can evaluate their own growth and skills.  Here is a beginning of the year video of Matthew, Shaun, Peyton, Patrick and Asuka.

Jessie is a buddy to a new student this year.  Read about her experience.

In 7th grade Humanities, students learned about bartering through an interactive activity.  Read about Haruki experiences.

In 10th grade Physics, students considered the effects of speeding and its impact on our community. Read more about their research and analysis in Fred’s post.

Melanie wrote a great summary of her 8th grade summer reading of Unique.

Linnea has been avidly reflecting on her blog about her Personal Project.  Find out more about her plans to become a gymnastics coach.

Grade 6 Designers practiced their newly acquired Photography skills and knowledge on a trip around Rokko Island.  Check out: Paul’s post, Callum’s post, Mark’s post and Maksim’s post.  There were so many beautiful photos of different perspectives of Rokko Island taken by the sixth grade!

Riri wrote a detailed reflection about what she learned in PE during their football unit.

Mid-October, Yusei Yogo students came to CA.  Many CA students helped make this outing special for the students and got just as much out of the trip as our visitors.  Read about Nina’s experience here.

As a ninth grader, Saakhi was happy to be able to volunteer at ARK, read about her first experience.

Yu created a beautiful observational drawing of a viola for art.