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331/365: rawr

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You’ve created a basic PONG or MAZE game in class.

Remember, start with simple game concepts while you are honing your coding skills.  Once that is working and you have a completed game done, I want you to add to the game:

  1. Add a second (or even more!) levels:

           2. Add a counter/score

At the end of class today, you will get feedback from your fellow designers:

+ What is something that works well or is interesting/creative?

– What is something that is not working or could be improved?


Grade 6: The Teachers of the Future!

the science teacher

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Congratulations on finishing your tutorial videos!  This week we enter the last stage of the Design Cycle: Evaluating. Before you really reflect on both the process and the product, I want you to get feedback from at least ten people.

I know getting feedback for your work can be intimidating, but as a designer, it is essential.  You need to seek and receive feedback in order to continue to improve.

So today, follow the agenda (with resources below):

  1. Open the tutorial feedback form sent to you via email and embed/insert link to your video. (Video playlist here)
  2. Fill out your information on this document so others can easily find your video & feedback form.
  3. Give GOOD feedback: Objective, honest, kind, helpful, thoughtful
  4. Seek Feedback – you should have at least 10 people give you feedback on your video (at least 2 HS students/adults) by next class.


Do I Have to Share Media Appropriately?



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Yes.   But, I want to talk about the bigger picture here, not just the threat of being sued or getting in trouble.  I want you to share media appropriately because it is right.  Because you are a creator and you don’t want people just stealing your work.  Right?

Creators should have the choice to share their work and have their work remixed and mashed up.

Don’t you think?

Should people have to be original or creative in someway to benefit from their work?

First, I am going to talk about “Girls” by Beastie Boys.  This is a great example AND it brings me back to my middle school days.  Yes, this song was cool back in the day.

If you are interested, there are so many more examples of copyright in the real world:

Obama’s Campaign Photo: The Associated Press Vs. Fairey

YouTube Make-up Tutorial Famous: Ultra Records Vs. Michelle Phan

Mike Tyson’s Tribal Tattoo used in movie: S. Victor Whitmill sued Warner Bros.

The Pixar Light – A Norweigan Light Company: LUXO VS. WALT DISNEY COMPANY

Blurred Lines and Five Other Popular Songs Sued Over Copyright

Pharrell Speaks Out Over Blurred Lines Lawsuit

Choose any one of these: 10 Famous Instances of Alleged Music Plagierism


Other resources from class:

GoldieBlox Video (doing a parody of “Girls” by Beastie Boys),  GoldieBlox Letter to Beastie Boys & Beastie Boys Letter to Goldie Blox


Safe & Sound Videos: Original, Official and Behind the Scenes


Secondary School Blog Round Up: August-September 2015


Falcon New Cl

The blogs are buzzing with so much great learning and reflection.  This blogpost is just a small sample of the number of blog posts that have been written since school has started this year!  Please read and comment on student blogs.

There is alway a lot of great learning, reflecting, service and activities going on at CA.  Here are some student posts that highlight all of this great learning in and out of school.


Read what Masao wrote as he analyzed 3D printers and their ethical use in Japanese class.

This past month, all middle school students went on trips to foster teamwork and friendships and learn more about nature and Japanese culture.  There are many fantastic blog posts about individual student experiences.  Check out a few here: Piya’s trip to Green Echo, Aki’s trip to Awaji and Haruki’s trip to Wakasawan.

This summer a few students and teachers went to Tohoku to continue CA’s work with area schools after the horrible earthquake in 2011.  Read Shaun’s blogpost about his service and impact from his Tohoku trip this past summer.

High school art classes are sharing their work and reflections of their first pieces this year. See Aya’s and Hina’s artwork and reflections here.

This year, Drama students are using their blogs to showcase and reflect on their work.  Watch Ahmad’s group as they perform a movement sequence and read more about the process and his reflection. Sohan also shared his groups’ performance and he reflected on how they created still images from a song.

All students and teachers at CA are required to create goals to improve our learning and performance. All students post their goals on their blogs.  Check our your child’s blog and see how you can support them with their newly created goals.  Here is an example of a tenth grade student’s goals by Kyu-Hyeok.

In Japanese class, Jessie wrote a blogpost for a reading response to her independent reading.

Grade 10 students have been diligently working on their Personal Project and have started their inquiry.  They will be documenting their personal projects through their blogs to share with the community.  Here are some examples of this year’s projects: Karuna’s, Fayaz’s and Min-Suk’s .

Saakhi posted about her art class field trip to the Kobe Biennale Museum.

EMBEDDING your video on your blog with Google Drive

Some of you have had issues with YouTube for a variety of reasons.  If your YouTube account doesn’t allow you to post videos, then use your Google Drive to embed videos.

Please use the directions below:
1. Upload video to Google Drive
2. Go to the three vertical dots…then go to embed item.  **Update – if you don’t see this option – go to “pop-out”Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.41.55 AM
3. Copy htmlScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.42.04 AM
4. Go to “text” (html) page and Paste text

If it doesn’t embed then- change first < and > to [ and ] (see attached) photosScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.42.22 AM
5. Publish and check to make sure it works
6. Go back and categorize and add a sentence or two about the task/post