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Food Design 9 – Final Project Brainstorm

FOOD on the Brain

Designing is about solving problems.  Designers look for issues/problems and seek out opportunities to create products/systems/events.

Today we will begin your final unit for Food Design 9.  Today I want you to use the graphic organizer in class to think about issues and opportunities that surround you and that you are interested (passionate, even) about.  I don’t want you to start jumping too fast into getting excited about one thing.

Today, explore.

Write notes.

Keep your options open.

We’ll watch this and discuss it a bit in class.

Bakey’s Edible Cutlery:

and then,

Here are some other resources you may want to look through for inspiration.

Thinking Food Design

Marije Vogelzang is an Eating Designer

Some American designers – their products to help fix the poor eating habits in their country: Zoe’s Kitchen & Hello Fresh

The CroBar

You are the Designers of the Next Generation


First, let’s start with this cool, extravagant, product, the pancake bot:

This is definitely an example of a remix.  This was probably born due to a love of pancakes and thinking about how popular 3-D printers have become over recent years.

Now, I also want you to take 10-15 minutes to look through KickStarter.  We’ll have a discussion when you are done.

Blog Round Up – Winter 2016

This post is a selection of blog posts published by CA secondary students in the past two months.  Students post work on their blogs from all subject areas and activities to demonstrate their learning, reflect and show growth.  Please read these posts and feel free to comment.  If you have a student enrolled in our secondary school, please check out your child’s blog. There are hundreds of good blogposts published by our community every month.

In February, all middle school students went ski trips.  Most students wrote reflections of their time and what they learned. Here’s George’s post about his time on the seventh grade trip.  Cherin also wrote a great post about the sixth grade trip to Hachi-kita.

Saakhi has been doing a lot of service and film work for CATV, read about her reflection from filming a recent soccer game.

Grade 9 students have just completed their Personal Projects and all students have been documenting their process journals on their blogs.  Check out Ray’s post of his final project. His passion for soccer led him to create tutorials for other players and develop his YouTube Channel: Ray the Goalkeeper while mentoring CA soccer players to improve their game.

Aimi has done a lot of great service projects this year through Eco Club and Student Body Council, read about them here.

Hazel recorded a podcast about cultures in Humanities class.

Read Jina’s reflection on her Perspective Art drawing in Art class.

In Grade 7 Humanities, students are writing journalistic articles on a world issue. Read Sophia’s post about Human Trafficking in Ghana and Ragini’s post on Education in Africa.

In grade 6, PE students learned about self-esteem during Health Class.  Students created PSA videos to share their learning and encourage others to have self-esteem.  Watch Martino’s PSA video!

Grade 9 Food Design class started second semester with a few weeks of skill building activities, like learning proper knife cutting skills, making pastry dough, reading a recipe, measuring and converting recipes.  Read Anjali’s and Andy’s reflections on how class has been going for them.

Yumi’s Service Reflection on a Sakura Planting on Rokko Mountain.

Read Karuna’s analysis of “Hazakura and The Magic Flute” (in Japanese)

Grade 6 are writing book reviews on their blogs.  Read Isha’s book review on The Sign of the Beaver.

Grade 9 students finished their interdisciplinary unit with projects in English, Humanities and Art.  Read Mirai’s experience in Hiroshima on the grade 9 trip.

Grade 9: When Design + Art Meet

083011.ClubAppetizer.18Image Credit: lemon168 via Compfight

I’m so excited for our first project this year.  I was inspired when I watch the Top Chef show: Getting Prickly in Mexico (season 12).  So, I’ve decide to adapt our community based unit to focus on catering for the IB Arts Exhibition.

You will be creating appetizers inspired by the artist you have chosen.IMG_8338

Here’s the design folder template – you will be assessed on Criterion C & D for this project.IMG_8339

I loved the conversations I heard today between designers and artists and during the inquiry stages of the design cycle as you considered the art and feasible food designs for this task.