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Food Design 9 – Final Project Brainstorm

FOOD on the Brain

Designing is about solving problems.  Designers look for issues/problems and seek out opportunities to create products/systems/events.

Today we will begin your final unit for Food Design 9.  Today I want you to use the graphic organizer in class to think about issues and opportunities that surround you and that you are interested (passionate, even) about.  I don’t want you to start jumping too fast into getting excited about one thing.

Today, explore.

Write notes.

Keep your options open.

We’ll watch this and discuss it a bit in class.

Bakey’s Edible Cutlery:

and then,

Here are some other resources you may want to look through for inspiration.

Thinking Food Design

Marije Vogelzang is an Eating Designer

Some American designers – their products to help fix the poor eating habits in their country: Zoe’s Kitchen & Hello Fresh

The CroBar

Grade 9: When Design + Art Meet

083011.ClubAppetizer.18Image Credit: lemon168 via Compfight

I’m so excited for our first project this year.  I was inspired when I watch the Top Chef show: Getting Prickly in Mexico (season 12).  So, I’ve decide to adapt our community based unit to focus on catering for the IB Arts Exhibition.

You will be creating appetizers inspired by the artist you have chosen.IMG_8338

Here’s the design folder template – you will be assessed on Criterion C & D for this project.IMG_8339

I loved the conversations I heard today between designers and artists and during the inquiry stages of the design cycle as you considered the art and feasible food designs for this task.


Grade 9: Knife Skills Practice

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction Photo Credit: Yoona
Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction
Photo Credit: Yoona

I was really proud of what you created today.  All of the food was delicious and you all worked together really well to create, clean and share!

Miso Soup Photo Credit: Johanna
Miso Soup
Photo Credit: Johanna

As promised, here are the recipes.

We won’t meet again for almost two weeks due to the holiday next week.  Try one of these recipes at home for your family and keep practicing your knife skills!

Food Design Class – An Intro & Resources