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Grade 7: Final CODING Project CREATE DAY


As you finish your final products for our coding unit, I want you to:

  1. Always, refer to the criteria to make sure you have met all the requirements needed to be successful.
  2. Create a feedback form (either digital or analog) to gather feedback when we PLAY and give feedback to each other next class.
  3. If you have created a game on Scratch, please share it publicly and link it here, so everyone can access it.

Hour of Code 2014


The Hour of Code at Canadian Academy was a huge success.  We had over 350 Secondary students and teachers participating between 2:25-3:25 last Friday and Ms. Shigeta did coding with all elementary students from KB through Grade 5 in their classes.


Through this whole school initiative, we hope that we peaked students’ interests with programming and Computer Science.  Regardless of a person’s passion, understanding programming will allow them to create products and solutions in any field.

If students are interested in programming, we encourage them to sign-up for after school clubs, participate in Life is Tech camps around Japan and internally they can sign up for Design: Programming in Grade 9 and code in Grade 10 Design.


Here are the pictures from all of the Hour of Code events last week:

1. Secondary Hour of Code 2014

2. Elementary Hour of Code14

3. Special Afterschool Club
4. Weekend Coding Camp

Fall Break Donut Selfie

I’ve had a great Fall Break.  I did a lot of fun things with my family.

I’ve created a Donut Selfie as I asked you too.  I edited everything in the iMovie App on my phone, which was a challenge for me, as I’ve never done this before.  I do like the app a lot, and need to make more with my phone.  Some of my transitions are choppy and need work, but I decided that since this is more of a “fun” assignment and not a polished piece of work, that it didn’t have to be perfect.

What I liked/learned:

It was fun to take the selfies.  I like the motion bit and I had never used Slo-Mo or play with the timing of my clips too much before (now I will!)

What I found challenging:

Take good donut selfie shots.  I was forever cutting out half my head, or the light was bleaching out the background, or after watching my video, I realized that my clip wasn’t so interesting.  I found it hard adding audio to the iMovie option because I couldn’t seem to blend the music well and I wanted to follow copyright laws for the music I used (under 10%).

Here is mine… I can’t wait to see yours!