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Being a Good Blogger & Contributing to the Digital Community

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As a community of bloggers, we have a responsibility.  Our blogs are not meant to be just walls in which we hang our work and reflections.  Our blogs are better than those boring wall – we are meant to read, comment and share them.  When they are brought to life, they are so powerful!

Everyone loves to see:

LIKES they’ve gotten on Facebook and Instagram,


views on YouTube and

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followers on Tumblr.

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I’m hoping you feel the same about your blog.  While you are expected to post your work on your blog, your blog can be much, much more!

As a commenter and contributor to blogs, you have a responsibility to comment appropriately.  Here is a rubric I am assessed on for my class.  Work in groups to make it better/more understandable for middle school students.  Consider appropriate commenting and not just nice/mean.  How can you add to this?  How can you support this or connect it back to your own work or thoughts?

Now it’s time to take action: COMMENT!

CA Grade 6 Tutorials

The sixth grade students at Yokohama International School (GO TO THE 2012 SECTIONS OF EACH SUBTOPIC) are also finishing their tutorial project right now.  I would like for you to comment on at least two of theirs and two tutorials from CA students outside of your Design class today.

Do you want to go further?  Read the MS Blog Round-up for June and comment on other blogs… or even teacher blogs!


Storify: Life is Tech at CA!

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Do you know Storify?  It allows you to collect media from across the web.  I was able to go through Twitter & Instagram to find anything hashtagged #canacad #LiTech from our Life is Tech Workshop on Friday.  This is what I found.

It does embed into the blog – but it made for a long and unwieldy blog post.

CA MS Blog Round Up: May

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This will be the last round of up for the 2012-2013 school year.  There have been great posts on the blogs this year.  I’m sure there will be a bit of a blogging hiatus over the summer while everyone rests, travels and does other great activities.  Please come back in the Fall to read more!

The tutorials grade 6 Design students made for our community are great!  Check them out.

Service is an important part of being an MYP student.  Read about Lisa’s reflection on being an 8th grade Mentor this year.  Here are great ones from Kaiki and Geum Bin, too!

Hana’s Visual Migration Project for Humanities.

About thirty middle school and high school student attended an iPhone App Creation Workshop with Life is Tech on May 31st.  This is what Martin created with his new skills on xCode.

Read Arash’s poetry.

Listen to Alleigh play the beginnings of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman on her guitar.

Cindy was one of the many CA students to help out at the International Kids Day.  Read about her sweet experience at the cupcake booth!

Let Desiree persuade you to be a One Direction fan like her.  Read her book review of Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction.

As always, comment if you are moved to when reading these posts.

Students – feel free to post over the summer.  Share with us what you are doing, where you are going or what you are thinking.  Your blog is also a great place to write reviews – on places, restaurants, books, movies, whatever you want!

Blog Challenge: Mean Stinks

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Since conferences have come and gone and we are in our last few weeks of school, your blogs have become a little more silent.  So, here’s a challenge…  pass it on.

Go to Mean Stinks.  It’s set up more like a reader to share hashtags #meanstinks #gangupforgood.

Look at the graphics, read some posts, try one of their challenges, watch a video and share what you got out of it on your blog, then pass it on.  Use your social media for good.

I just watched Meanamorphosis:

While it’s cliche in some parts, I like the literal use of the word “stinks”.  I also like a lot of the graphics they have on their site.

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.51.36 PM
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And, I also think it’s interesting that Secret is the company behind all this…


If you do write a post about this  – put the link in the comments of this post.  If you share something you saw through Facebook or Twitter or Tumbr, or…  then share that in the comments as well.   I’d love to hear if any of you tried one of their challenges.

I can’t say it any better than they do, “Write Nice”!