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CA MS Blog Round-Up: October 2013

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In October, many middle schoolers worked on beautifying our MS Hallways with their Centennial Bulletin Boards.  Read about Anjali’s & Yumi’s experiences and check out the beautiful boards they created celebrating our school.

Pritika reflecting on being an 8th grade leader and creating a great MS culture at our school.

Angelo has been involved in a lot of service so far this year, read about his experience at the Soup Kitchen.

There are a lot of music reflections on the blogs from Grade 7 & 8 students.  Students take videos to reflect on their performance, so you can watch mini-concerts on the blogs.  Check out Jun’s mini concert and reflection.

On her own, Natalia sent Sandra Cisneros an email about her book cover re-design of House on Mango Street.  Ms. Cisneros wrote back!  Read more about it in Natalia’s blog post.

Connecting with House on Mango Street, which the grade 8 students just finished in English, students wrote about how their community (or different communities) have influenced who they are.  Read more about this on Jacqueline’s blog and Alleigh’s blog.

Read about Wheejoon’s One World Essay on Tohoku and Earthquakes.

In grade 7 Science, students have been working on a Plant Inquiry Lab, read Patrick’s blogpost about his group’s plant growth.

Sports Day 2013 was a big event since it was also a part of our Centennial Celebration. Read about Riri’s experience.

In Grade 8 Design, students are learning about graphic design and creating strong visual images.  To practice, they redesigned the cover of the book they read in English class, House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.  Here is Millie’s new cover and Sara created three new covers!

Bailey and Cindy took leadership roles for the Grade 7 dance.  Go to their blogposts to read about their efforts.

Iris captured the soccer tournament in a great photo blog post.

There are many dedicated students in the Eco Club who do service every week.  Read Young Ah’s reflection about her first few months in the club.

We love reading about what you do outside of class: sports, crafts, performances, whatever, so please continue to write about those events.  Here’s the post Anna wrote about a pair of shows she designed.

Inspired: Happy Halloween

My sister and I - Halloween 1985
My sister and I – Halloween 1985

I always dream of starting the year off with a Design project where my students create Halloween costumes.  I still haven’t done it.  Part of the reason is that working with textiles is not my strength, but also just because it’s busy at the beginning of the school year, and we don’t even have a way to celebrate them around Halloween.  I’m hoping that one day, I will teach a unit like this.  I think it would be a lot of fun and we would all learn a lot.

Here are some cool things on the web to inspire you to create cool costumes or even inspire you to help with the costumes for the all school play, Pirates of Penzance.

The LED baby costume:

Cute DIY Watermelon – the idea could adapted for a lot of different things:

If you ever make a costume of your own – I’d definitely love to see it!

Grade 8 – I just found this blog post – The Scariest Book Covers, which ties in well with our graphic design/visual literacy unit.

Have a great fall break and a Happy Halloween!

CA MS Blog Round-Up: August – September

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There have been a lot of great posts on the middle school blogs since the start of school. I encourage you to bookmark your favorite blogs or create a reader, like Feedly, to organize your favorite blogs for your reading pleasure.

Hee Won’s adorable Penguin Textile Art.

Aimi’s Line & Texture Design and Eun Bi’s Line & Texture Design Work and Reflection from Art class.

In Design Class, students had to make a unique product out of a potato, here are some great products: Pritika’s Cute Potato Snack, Fayaz’s Potato Croquette,

Fayaz’s  and Aimi’s reflections on their Japanese presentations.

In PE, students used the Ubersense App to reflect on their Golf skills.  Check out Sara‘s and Taiga’s videos.

Grade 7 made upcycled projects with Lego, check out Jessie’s desk organizer, Ahmad’s Creeper Lego Planter and Jan Michael’s iTouch Stand.

In September, we all went on Fall Trips, and there are so many good posts and pictures from these trips, here are some examples, check out individual student blogs to read more about everyone’s experiences.

Read about KouChandakrit and Nina’s trip to Awaji.

Ryuya at Green Echo

Alleigh at Wakasawan

There are plenty of great posts out there – too many to highlight.  Go explore the blogs yourself and please leave comments!

**Sorry it’s a little late this month.  I’ll post October’s  Round up at the beginning of November!  Keep sharing! **




Inspired: Digital Design + Dance

Have you seen this video?  I don’t know much more about it than Japan used it in a presentation to the International Olympic Committee to WOW! them when they were trying to get the 2020 Olympic bid.  This is a perfect example of being innovative and creating something that doesn’t really exist in the market already.  I love the idea of combining animation or a film that the dancers interact with.

How could you take this concept and create a performance?




The INSPIRED blog posts are just cool things I’ve found on the web that may inspire you as designers.

INSPIRED: Foodie Flags

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These flags from around the world made with food representing the country have been floating around the internet.  I think some of them look great.  With all the great food in the United States, it’s a bit disappointing that we’re only know for our hotdogs?


The INSPIRED blog posts are just cool things I’ve found on the web that may inspire you as designers.