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The Future…

Life is a precious gift. Don't waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be

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Grade 8 students have been thinking about high school and their future a lot lately in our block activities.  I’ve had some great one-on-one discussions with a lot of you about the future.

I really enjoyed it when Jacqueline asked me, “When did you know what you wanted to do?”

It’s an interesting question.  I figured out that I wanted to be a teacher when I was about 23 (but as most of you know, this is not what I originally went to school to study).  But, my path has changed along the way.  I know I want to be a professional teacher.  I add professional, because I am part of a bigger community of sharing and learning outside Canadian Academy.  I want to keep learning and sharing and as a teacher, especially a technology teacher, I need to keep learning.

Back to my point… I just came across this article: How to Get a Job at Google.  What do you think about it?  Does this change your thoughts on what you need to do in high school?  I’d love to hear your opinions about this.  I want you to really think about the GPA part.  It’s not saying “slack off in school, because your grades don’t matter”.  What they are saying you need/should be is much more (and more difficult to attain).

LOVE-ly Design Challenge <3 <3 <3


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There are so many great DIY projects you can make to tell someone how much you care about them.

You will all be skiing on Valentines Day, and you have a nice L-O-N-G (rainy) weekend this weekend.

Why not create something LOVELY for someone else?

There are so many ideas on Pinterest and all over the web.  Find something you want to create – it can be food, a witty Valentine’s card, a craft, photography, a gift, whatever.

Share it on your blog (and put the link in the comment section of this post) so we can see what you made.

I will be making badges (digitally for your blog & social media OR in a laptop sticker format) for your efforts.  Let me know what version you want…

I can’t wait to see what you make!  I’ll share what I make, too.

Happy Valentines Day!  Enjoy your Ski Trip!  See you Next Week!

CA MS Blog Round-Up: January 2014

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As our middle school students finish up their first semester this school year, their blogs are brimming with great posts of what they are doing in their classes.  I encourage you to not only check out these posts, but other students’ blogs as well.  There is a lot of great work on the canacad blogs!

Here are some posts from the first month of this year:

Urura’s beautiful and technically difficult Obento Evaluation for Design Class.  Uday create a nice obento and wrote a thoughtful reflection, here.  Wheejoon, too!  (sorry there are so many, I’m having a hard time selecting only a few!)

Read more about Food!  Oriya shares her experiences in ESOL class and their cooking unit.

Pritika shares the books she’s read this semester, both independently and for English class.

In PE, students use Ubersense to reflect on their skills.  Read about Jong Been’s lay-up reflection.

Service, service, everywhere service!  The middle school is compassionately impacting our community all the time and they are reflecting about it on their blogs:  Read Jun’s reflection on the SBC dance, Caitlin helping out her local community in Shioya, Saakhi helping out with Eco Club weekly, Ryuya reflecting on being a mentor to an ES student, and Alleigh’s beginning murmurings of the service trip to Thailand.

Watch Kanon and Kyu-Hyeok’s Spanish videos on Living a Healthy Lifestyle.  En español, por supesto.

Connecting our Community and Design, Grade 6 students created PSAs to encourage better behavior on Rokko Island.  Check out: Aimi’s, Il Jun’s, Sophie’s, Yumi’s,

Karuna reflected on the two essential questions in Grade 8 English this year and Kyu-Hyeok creating a modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet through a bitstrip.  Anna shared a pastiche that she wrote that mimicked a vignette from House on Mango Street earlier in the year.

Grade 7s have been working on water color techniques in Art, check out Yunseon’s and Jessie’s.

Middle schoolers, keep on writing… thanks for sharing all that you are learning and doing.

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Inspired: Shigeru Miyamoto – Computer Science Ed Week Edition


Have you ever heard of Shigeru Miyamoto?

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I only stumbled across his name two weeks ago for the first time.  I’m not a gamer, maybe that’s why.  But, I’m wondering how many of you “gamers” know his name?

Have you ever played Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda?

All his creations (plus a whole lot more).

Regardless of whether you are a gamer or not, we have an inspirational creator that was born and raised SO CLOSE to us.  He is from Kyoto.  Now, he seems to be a private person, so I’m not sure he’d want to come and talk to us, but my mind is now turning…

Shigeru Miyamoto’s accomplishments are amazing.  I’m in love with his whimsical story of how he was inspired by nature around him in Kyoto (which most of you have meandered around and explored yourselves ) to create some of his “game worlds”.

As we begin Computer Science Education Week, I want you to think more about coding, programming, game & app designing and creation.  You use so many products EVERY day that need coding to work.

We don’t have a lot of resources (YET) at CA to help you hone your skills as a programmer or game/app designer.  BUT, hopefully you will learn more this week in our Hour of Code and realize  that you just need to play around and try to create to get better at coding.  There are so many online avenues at this point to learn different coding languages.  It takes time and it does take a lot of persistence, creativity and motivation to be a programmer.

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The New Yorker Magazine published an article about him called: Master of Play.  I love the title and it is an interesting article if you want to learn more about him.

Did you know anything about Shigeru Miyamoto before reading this?  Do his games and/or story inspire you to create or play?  Share your thoughts!



Inspired: Vine

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I know a lot of you watch a lot of “Vines“.

I came across this post on Mashable called 16 Fascinating Vines from the #6secondsciencefair.  I thought they were very cool.

Could you explain or figure out any of the science going on in the videos?  Did you investigate how to do any?

Have any of you ever created a Vine?  I’d love it if you’d share, if you have.  Send it to my email or put a link in the comments.

Have a great week.