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Fall Break Design Challenge: The Donut Selfie

We’ll talk about this in class, but please use these tutorials to create a donut selfie of something you are doing over Fall Break (I’ll create one too!)

Then, post it on your blog and link back to your post in the comments of this post.



Tutorial 1 – How to Make a Donut Selfie – Only a cellphone and arm needed!

Tutorial 2: Advanced Tips:

Tutorial 3: Editing on your Mobile Device

I can’t wait to see what you create!

CA MS Blog Round-Up: March 2014

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In Science class, students created FaKebook accounts for Gregor Mendel and had to chat with other scientists, such as Pasteur and Darwin.  Read Andy’s Fakebook post here.

Here’s SooYeon’s thoughtful reflection about her experience being an Student Body Council (SBC) Member.

Melanie shared a great assignment from art, when they were working on perspectives.

In grade 8 English and Humanities, students are learning about the causes of war and why it’s important to understand different perspectives and to have empathy.  Read Alyssa’s analysis of a Ghandi quote.

Seventh grade Design students worked hard during the third quarter creating music videos using other people’s media legally through Fair Use and Creative Commons.  Here is a playlist of their work.

Kyosuke reflected on his book club for Smiles to Go by Jerry Spinelli in English class.  Iris also wrote a post about her book group; they read A Book of a Thousand Days.

MinSuk and Yoshiki reflected on the Kobe International Fair.

Bailey, along with the rest of the seventh grade class, posted about fronts in Science class.

Read Il Jun’s One World Essay about Lifts and his ski trip to Zao.

Kyler’s English essay on Bullying.

Cindy posted her English essay about the Hardships of Being a Middle School Student.

March was a big month for collaborative, interdisciplinary projects in the middle school.

Read  Andy’s reflection on his and Karuna’s Nifty Lifter Machine.

Sophie reflected on her Culture Night experience.  Yumi wrote a really detailed reflection where she shared her work too!

CA MS Blog Round-Up: February 2014

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Image Credit:

The Ski Trips were not only a time for team building and hanging out with friends, students improved their skiing techniques and also learned about Science concepts.  Here’s Amelia’s One World Essay regarding transportation to Zao.  Here are Karuna’s reflections from the 8th grade ski trip – including links from her 6th and 7th grade trips as well.

In Grade 8 Humanities, students are learning all about the causes and impact of war, here is Ryuya’s post on Propaganda, Saakhi’s on Conscription and Fayaz’s on Blimps.

Bailey and Cindy were able to do two service activities at once!  They are compassionately impacting our community in double time!

In Art, students created products in sumi-e style.  Here’s Karin’s Goldfish and Bamboo pieces.

Karen was able to create two beautiful art pieces using classic techniques of Monet while honoring pop stars Demi Lovato and Lana Del ray.

Ahmad wrote a great post reflecting on his first CA Production: Pirates of Penzance.

Middle School Parent Tech Night was successful again this year, due to the confidence and poise the Tech Leaders demonstrated when sharing their technology highs and lows with parents and teachers.  Here are Cindy’s and Jacqueline’s reflections.

Alyssa and Oscar also created great pieces, emulating Picasa’s style.

Jun created a digital art piece for the same assignment in Art, a pastiche of Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s text portrait of Steve Jobs.

Taiga shares his enthusiasm of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Middle School students are always participating in amazing service activities.  Here is Leonie’s  and Chris’s and Kyu-Hyeok’s reflections on their Mentoring experience.

Since it was February, LOVE was in the air.  The rainy weekend before Ski Trips, I gave students an opportunity to create something for someone else for Valentine’s Day.  The students created great gifts – here are a few examples from DaEun, Yumi and Riri.