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Weekend Inspiration: The Mini-Craze

A fun thing to create when you have a some time.  It’s great that this tutorial uses Japanese products… well except for the candy melts – I don’t think you can find this in Japan.  But, you can definitely figure it out with maybe some white chocolate and a touch of food coloring or something.

If any of you make a mini dessert bar with these, definitely share the pictures.  We should play around one day in the food lab!

Secondary School Blog Round Up: February 2015


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There is alway a lot of great learning, reflecting, service and activities going on at CA.  Here are some student posts that highlight all of this great learning in and out of school.

Grade 9 had a lot of extension activities for their latest Humanities Unit.  They visited Hiroshima and Miyajima and a week later, Ms. Kondo a Hiroshima survivor came to speak to the class.  Read Alyssa and Ray’s reflections on Hiroshima and Uday’s and Sumire’s reflections on Ms. Kondo’s presentation.

Read about Nikolas’s “Dos and Don’ts of Skiing” as a engaging way to share his experiences of the Ski Trip through English class.

As the Personal Project finishes for Grade 10 students next week, their blogs have many process journal posts.  Mary has three detailed posts, sharing her progress on an animated music video: Loops from Feb 8, Raw Frames Completion from Feb 23, and Scanning from Feb 26th.

Read Urara’s post about the Golden Landscape by Dazai Osamu (in Japanese): よみものブログ『黄金風景』

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Fred draws a comic as a part of his Personal Project.

Anajli shares her most memorable moment on the ski trip.

Karuna wrote an engaging and thorough blogpost about a “salty” experiment in Chemistry: Insert Salty Title Here.  Minsuk recorded his findings and learning in a blogpost with an equally witty name: Sault Assault.

Pratishtha wrote a great reflection on playing basketball this year.

Cindy writes about the eighth grade ski trip: New Memories and Experiences.

Grade 9 Food Designers are keeping Photography Journals to document foods that they design and make and also meals and ingredients that inspire them to create.  Here is Adarsh’s Food Journey blogposts.

Young Jae  wrote a great blogpost to encourage students to come to CA in his ESOL class.

Kiho reflects on Orchestra Class and an exchange with Ikeda High School.

On February 14th and 15th, CA hosted a Google Summit where teachers learned about using Google Apps in Education and collaborated and networked with each other.  Many secondary students volunteered to help over the weekend and some shared their work with teachers.  Here is Yumi’s reflection and Jiho’s reflection.

Read about Callum’s first ski trip.



December – January Blog Round-Up

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December and January are busy months, even though we are only in classes for half of each month.

Here are some of the wonderful things going on around our Digital and “real life” community:

Read Ray and Koki‘s Japanese book reviews.

Shoko reflects on her family trip to Hong Kong and highlights her sister’s photography too!

Clara created a poster to promote water conservation in Design class.  Check out her poster and reflection of her design process here.

The Middle School’s Thai Fundraiser has concluded for the year with six eighth graders traveling to Thailand to hand out scholarships and learn more about the students we are helping.  Read more about their experiences and reflections in Nikolas’s blog, Ashna’s postMirai’s postTaiga’s post, Kana’s post , Yasmine’s post and Shaun’s post.

Deeva has shared all the work she has done for her Personal Project in January with a blog post.

There are a lot of great activities going on in MS ESOL classes, read about it Jinbo’s post and Ebba’s post about the clip Feeding Us All.

In Physics tenth graders are exploring blog writing through real life applications, read about Arushi’s research on car accidents and adjusting your headrest.

It’s always great to read what students are doing outside of school activities.  Read Asuka’s post about his trip to Sendai for Winter Break.

In Grade 6 Science, Jinbo used Powtoon to create a fun video demonstrating her understanding of the microscope.

Read Aika’s Biology post about her Photosynthesis Virtual Lab.

Many students reflect on language in the media.  Read Taana’s reflection in Japanese here.

Mr. Bellew posts a lot of great media to analyze on his blog as he prepares his students in their Language and Literature class.

Sixth and seventh grade English students posted about their Winter Break through images and text.  There are a lot of great examples on student blogs.  Start with Ragini’s and Jae Young’s for good examples.

There are so many amazing things that CA students are doing to compassionately impact their world.  There are hundreds (really!) of service posts this month as we finished semester one.  Read about Kaiki’s experience at the KISS Elderly House.

Secondary School Blog Round Up – November 2014

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Filip wrote a nice reflection on his 6:50! mile run.  How many of you could keep up with him?

Sophia wrote a detailed reflection about her first mile run in PE.

Grade 8 Math wrote really visual posts about linear relationships.  Read Sohan’s blog post and Shoko’s post, too!.

Fred is working on creating a comic series for his Personal Project.  Here is his blog, Miniature Me, where he posts his latest work.

Grade 8 Art students reflected on their self-portraits.  Check out: Mirai’s, Shaun’sRemi’s and Cindy’s.

Anna has been helping Mr. Spears’ with his ES Guitar Club.  Read her reflection and watch her commercial for the club.

Geum Bin has done a lot of work on her Personal Project journals, read about her love for chemistry inspiring her to create her own perfume.

Rina wrote a great reflection on her Circus Unit.  Her post includes a video of her and Philippa’s Circus skills.

Pritika reflects on her Japanese progress to improve her learning.

There is a lot of great service activities going on in and around CA.  Read some reflective posts from:

Nina H’s Thai Kids Service Group Activities

Lisa volunteered at the TEDx Youth Event a few weeks ago at CA.  Read her post to find out more about it.

Many CA students volunteered at the CHIC Bazaar over the weekend.  Read Anjali’s reflection.