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Everything is a REMIX

Darth Fader

Creative Commons LicenseScott via Compfight

As you start to design your remix, I want you to consider your own creativity.  Use other people’s works to create something cool and original.  Put your own spin on it.  Add your own perspective.

The more you create and regard media, design and art through the lens of a designer, the more original and creative your pieces will become.

If you need more copies of the storyboard template, you can find them here.

If you have time on your hands, this is an interesting series called Everything is a Remix.  I think it’s really good.  However, I think that it is more directed towards adults.  I’ve shown examples in class that I think connects more closely to media and culture of your generation, but this video is really interested and I think can introduce you to some great music and artists from the past fifty years and will deepen your understanding of copyright, fair use as it pertains to a remixer.

Hour of Code 2014


The Hour of Code at Canadian Academy was a huge success.  We had over 350 Secondary students and teachers participating between 2:25-3:25 last Friday and Ms. Shigeta did coding with all elementary students from KB through Grade 5 in their classes.


Through this whole school initiative, we hope that we peaked students’ interests with programming and Computer Science.  Regardless of a person’s passion, understanding programming will allow them to create products and solutions in any field.

If students are interested in programming, we encourage them to sign-up for after school clubs, participate in Life is Tech camps around Japan and internally they can sign up for Design: Programming in Grade 9 and code in Grade 10 Design.


Here are the pictures from all of the Hour of Code events last week:

1. Secondary Hour of Code 2014

2. Elementary Hour of Code14

3. Special Afterschool Club
4. Weekend Coding Camp

Fall Trips 2014

I had a great trip to Green Echo.  I can’t wait to read about your experiences on the Fall Trips.

What were your favorite parts?

Did you have any challenges?

Did you learn new things about classmates or other students (or teachers) from Middle School?

Five Handshakes in Five Minutes
Visiting the priestess at the temple.
My super fun dinner mates one night!
People to People Champions
Jun and I – Head to Head | People to People Game


I loved being out in nature at Green Echo and getting to know a lot of you better!

Here’s the link to all the photos: Wakasawan, Green Echo and Awaji.