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331/365: rawr

Guido Gloor Modjib via Compfight

You’ve created a basic PONG or MAZE game in class.

Remember, start with simple game concepts while you are honing your coding skills.  Once that is working and you have a completed game done, I want you to add to the game:

  1. Add a second (or even more!) levels:

           2. Add a counter/score

At the end of class today, you will get feedback from your fellow designers:

+ What is something that works well or is interesting/creative?

– What is something that is not working or could be improved?


Hour of Code 2013


After I got the LightBot group started in my classroom, I was lucky enough (thanks Ms. Nishizawa and Mr. H!) to walk around the middle school to see Hour of Code in action.

The fourth floor (and Black Box Theater) of Canadian Academy has never been so quiet… but in a good way.  I loved walking around seeing your faces all concentrating and engaged in coding!  You all programmed.

It was a great experience for me – both watching you and coding myself.

Here is the whole album of photos:


What I’d love from you, now… a response to ONE of the following questions:

What did you do in the Hour of Code?

What did you learn in the Hour of Code?

What now?  Are you going to continue to code/program on your own?

(If you remember, or took note) How many lines of code did you write?

I wish it wasn’t on the last day before a three week vacation, so our momentum isn’t broken.  It is my job to keep it going, for sure.  I think for the last activities trimester, I will lead the Computer Science Club.  Remember, Grade 7 & 8 Designers, you have an Open Design Project for your last unit, so you can choose to create anything following the Design Cycle.  If you are interesting in doing more coding, keep that in mind for April – May!

I’m looking forward to seeing you next week!

MS Hour of Code – TOMORROW!

Here’s a little video to give you some background information on coding, if you don’t know much about computer science.

Anybody can learn!

Did you know that the HS students and ES students are coding this week too?

And what I’m really intrigued by is what you will do with your new coding skills?  Will you go any further with it?  Will you try to design/create a game or an app or a database or website?

Remember in Design class, your final project of the year is “Open Design”, where you have the time to create whatever you want… with a purpose.

Computer Science Education Week: Why Not YOU?

I think I can safely say that all of you have played an app or a video game at least once in your life.   As your Design teacher, I also want you to CREATE and not only use/watch/play with other people’s creations.

If these kids can do it, why can’t you?


What would you create if (when) you learn how to program?

What’s an app or a game or software that you wish existed that could provide an opportunity for someone else OR solves a problem OR is something that would just make life easier or more fun?