About Design Technology in the Middle School @ Canadian Academy:

One of my favorite classes growing up was “Shop Class”.  I loved making things with my hands.  My prized projects were a coffee table and a clock that I constructed and my mother proudly kept them displayed in her house for years.  (This can be found hanging in my classroom.) Unfortunately, many of these design and “create” classes no longer exist in schools.

The MYP program offers a Technology curriculum that allows students to investigate, design, plan, create and evaluate solutions to problems given in the classroom.  Luckily, Canadian Academy is offering Technology as a course to all MYP students and this course is not limited to Computer Technology.  Students will learn different skills using a plethora of materials, equipment, tools and software to create solutions to real life problems.

Combined with my love for creation and problem solving, I am beginning my tenth year as an IB teacher.  I’ve taught 8 years in an MYP classrooms and 2 years in a PYP classroom.  I have experience teaching Technology both through computers and materials, both at the American School of Lima, Peru and here at Canadian Academy.

Julie H. Lemley

Design Technology Teacher

Canadian Academy

My email: jlemley@canacad.ac.jp

Here is more about Los Lemleys Teach – Mr. & Mrs. Lemley’s Professional Pages

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