FOOD on the Brain

Designing is about solving problems.  Designers look for issues/problems and seek out opportunities to create products/systems/events.

Today we will begin your final unit for Food Design 9.  Today I want you to use the graphic organizer in class to think about issues and opportunities that surround you and that you are interested (passionate, even) about.  I don’t want you to start jumping too fast into getting excited about one thing.

Today, explore.

Write notes.

Keep your options open.

We’ll watch this and discuss it a bit in class.

Bakey’s Edible Cutlery:

and then,

Here are some other resources you may want to look through for inspiration.

Thinking Food Design

Marije Vogelzang is an Eating Designer

Some American designers – their products to help fix the poor eating habits in their country: Zoe’s Kitchen & Hello Fresh

The CroBar