We are going to continue to inquire and analyze as we think about sharing our own knowledge and interests with our community through our current unit:

How do Japanese art, history and culture make Japan unique?

While you are not necessarily creating a virtual tour for your final project, it is important that you analyze more learning spaces (museums) to find great examples.  The power of the internet allows us to visit a lot more museums than we could ever take field trips to.

First, we are going to go to Paris and you to take a virtual tour of the Louvre’s Egyptian Antiquities Exhibit.

Then I want you to choose at least three of the following virtual museum spaces to take notes on:

Best Museums in Japan

What Makes these the Best Museums in the World? (Go further and go to the actual websites of the museums when you find an interesting one.)

Use these prompting questions to guide your analysis and inquiry:

What makes them interactive/interesting?

What is not so great about them?

What did you learn from this site?

What could they do differently to share the information?

Try to use visual note-taking for this activity…   Make sure you include what museum spaces you are analyzing!


Image Credit: austinkleon.com
Image Credit: austinkleon.com

 Use this doc to share your topic with your classmates