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Congratulations on finishing your tutorial videos!  This week we enter the last stage of the Design Cycle: Evaluating. Before you really reflect on both the process and the product, I want you to get feedback from at least ten people.

I know getting feedback for your work can be intimidating, but as a designer, it is essential.  You need to seek and receive feedback in order to continue to improve.

So today, follow the agenda (with resources below):

  1. Open the tutorial feedback form sent to you via email and embed/insert link to your video. (Video playlist here)
  2. Fill out your information on this document so others can easily find your video & feedback form.
  3. Give GOOD feedback: Objective, honest, kind, helpful, thoughtful
  4. Seek Feedback – you should have at least 10 people give you feedback on your video (at least 2 HS students/adults) by next class.


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