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Yes.   But, I want to talk about the bigger picture here, not just the threat of being sued or getting in trouble.  I want you to share media appropriately because it is right.  Because you are a creator and you don’t want people just stealing your work.  Right?

Creators should have the choice to share their work and have their work remixed and mashed up.

Don’t you think?

Should people have to be original or creative in someway to benefit from their work?

First, I am going to talk about “Girls” by Beastie Boys.  This is a great example AND it brings me back to my middle school days.  Yes, this song was cool back in the day.

If you are interested, there are so many more examples of copyright in the real world:

Obama’s Campaign Photo: The Associated Press Vs. Fairey

YouTube Make-up Tutorial Famous: Ultra Records Vs. Michelle Phan

Mike Tyson’s Tribal Tattoo used in movie: S. Victor Whitmill sued Warner Bros.

The Pixar Light – A Norweigan Light Company: LUXO VS. WALT DISNEY COMPANY

Blurred Lines and Five Other Popular Songs Sued Over Copyright

Choose any one of these: 10 Famous Instances of Alleged Music Plaigerism


Other resources from class:

GoldieBlox Video (doing a parody of “Girls” by Beastie Boys),  GoldieBlox Letter to Beastie Boys & Beastie Boys Letter to Goldie Blox

Safe & Sound Videos: Original, Official and Behind the Scenes


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