Month: December 2014

Hour of Code 2014


The Hour of Code at Canadian Academy was a huge success.  We had over 350 Secondary students and teachers participating between 2:25-3:25 last Friday and Ms. Shigeta did coding with all elementary students from KB through Grade 5 in their classes.


Through this whole school initiative, we hope that we peaked students’ interests with programming and Computer Science.  Regardless of a person’s passion, understanding programming will allow them to create products and solutions in any field.

If students are interested in programming, we encourage them to sign-up for after school clubs, participate in Life is Tech camps around Japan and internally they can sign up for Design: Programming in Grade 9 and code in Grade 10 Design.


Here are the pictures from all of the Hour of Code events last week:

1. Secondary Hour of Code 2014

2. Elementary Hour of Code14

3. Special Afterschool Club
4. Weekend Coding Camp

Grade 7: Chocolate Entrepreneurs

Last week was a busy week for me and the Grade 7 Designers.  We had our culminating event in which students sold their chocolate confections and all proceeds went to the Thai Kids Scholarship Foundation.

It was a great event!  We had hundreds of students, teachers, parents and people from our community attended.

Chocolate Entrepreneurs Unit

Together we raised a little bit over 135,000¥ in an hour to donate to our Thai Kids Fund.  This is over $1,140 USD!
Not only am I proud of the amount of money we raised in an hour – we are able to send 22 kids to school for the year, but more importantly, there were so many delicious, high quality, creative chocolate products that the students created.

I can’t wait to read their evaluations and reflections this week on both the process and product.

Secondary School Blog Round Up – November 2014

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Filip wrote a nice reflection on his 6:50! mile run.  How many of you could keep up with him?

Sophia wrote a detailed reflection about her first mile run in PE.

Grade 8 Math wrote really visual posts about linear relationships.  Read Sohan’s blog post and Shoko’s post, too!.

Fred is working on creating a comic series for his Personal Project.  Here is his blog, Miniature Me, where he posts his latest work.

Grade 8 Art students reflected on their self-portraits.  Check out: Mirai’s, Shaun’sRemi’s and Cindy’s.

Anna has been helping Mr. Spears’ with his ES Guitar Club.  Read her reflection and watch her commercial for the club.

Geum Bin has done a lot of work on her Personal Project journals, read about her love for chemistry inspiring her to create her own perfume.

Rina wrote a great reflection on her Circus Unit.  Her post includes a video of her and Philippa’s Circus skills.

Pritika reflects on her Japanese progress to improve her learning.

There is a lot of great service activities going on in and around CA.  Read some reflective posts from:

Nina H’s Thai Kids Service Group Activities

Lisa volunteered at the TEDx Youth Event a few weeks ago at CA.  Read her post to find out more about it.

Many CA students volunteered at the CHIC Bazaar over the weekend.  Read Anjali’s reflection.