Month: October 2014

Fall Break Design Challenge: The Donut Selfie

We’ll talk about this in class, but please use these tutorials to create a donut selfie of something you are doing over Fall Break (I’ll create one too!)

Then, post it on your blog and link back to your post in the comments of this post.



Tutorial 1 – How to Make a Donut Selfie – Only a cellphone and arm needed!

Tutorial 2: Advanced Tips:

Tutorial 3: Editing on your Mobile Device

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Grade 6: Analysis of Graphic: TALK LIKE A DESIGNER (Example)

In Design class, we are going to analyze a poster, advertisement or PSA today.  Please choose something to analyze, insert it in your blog, and analyze it!

adopt me

Image credit: target=”_blank”>Monica the Designer

I chose this graphic because the colors really stood out to me.  They are very bright and show good contrast.  The title adopt me with the cute puppy face direct the viewers’ eyes to this first.  Then some one can read the smaller text to find out more information.  I think the blue text on the bottom with proximity to the parts that they relate to are important and break up all the text.

The designer only used three different types of fonts and she used a hierarchy of font size to show importance in the text.  This poster could be easily read from far away to catch people’s attention.

What Makes a Good Blog?


Toban B. via Compfight

Today I want you to think about what a blog is…

What makes a good blog?

I want you to inquire and analyze a few blogs. You can use other examples if you’d like. Here are a few:

Kotaku – A gaming and news blog

World War II Today – a really interesting blog that posts 70  years ago

Shutterbean – Food, Photography and Life

Spoon and Tamago – Japanese, Art, Design and Culture

The Post Game – Sports NewsBlog

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary – one of my favorite Photography blogs, but she hasn’t posted in years… sigh.

Bake at 350 – Sweets!

Student Blogs: Bailey, Koko


What are elements of good blogs?

Now I want you to turn your direction to your own blog.

What does it say about you as a person? As a learner? Are you proud of your blog?

Do you follow the CA Publishing Protocols?

What can you do to improve the engagement and readabililty of your blog?