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As our middle school students finish up their first semester this school year, their blogs are brimming with great posts of what they are doing in their classes.  I encourage you to not only check out these posts, but other students’ blogs as well.  There is a lot of great work on the canacad blogs!

Here are some posts from the first month of this year:

Urura’s beautiful and technically difficult Obento Evaluation for Design Class.  Uday create a nice obento and wrote a thoughtful reflection, here.  Wheejoon, too!  (sorry there are so many, I’m having a hard time selecting only a few!)

Read more about Food!  Oriya shares her experiences in ESOL class and their cooking unit.

Pritika shares the books she’s read this semester, both independently and for English class.

In PE, students use Ubersense to reflect on their skills.  Read about Jong Been’s lay-up reflection.

Service, service, everywhere service!  The middle school is compassionately impacting our community all the time and they are reflecting about it on their blogs:  Read Jun’s reflection on the SBC dance, Caitlin helping out her local community in Shioya, Saakhi helping out with Eco Club weekly, Ryuya reflecting on being a mentor to an ES student, and Alleigh’s beginning murmurings of the service trip to Thailand.

Watch Kanon and Kyu-Hyeok’s Spanish videos on Living a Healthy Lifestyle.  En español, por supesto.

Connecting our Community and Design, Grade 6 students created PSAs to encourage better behavior on Rokko Island.  Check out: Aimi’s, Il Jun’s, Sophie’s, Yumi’s,

Karuna reflected on the two essential questions in Grade 8 English this year and Kyu-Hyeok creating a modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet through a bitstrip.  Anna shared a pastiche that she wrote that mimicked a vignette from House on Mango Street earlier in the year.

Grade 7s have been working on water color techniques in Art, check out Yunseon’s and Jessie’s.

Middle schoolers, keep on writing… thanks for sharing all that you are learning and doing.

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  1. Nice job, students! I especially like Uday’s analysis of his bento with a table diagram. Wheejoon also had some delicious looking food for his lunchbox! Jun obviously enjoys a good time and dancing. Il Jun knows his math equations. Thanks.

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