“Bread is a concept.  Bread is not harvested by farmers, it is manufactured by bakers.  As an invention of culture, the concept of bread can change”

From Bread: A Global History by William Rubel

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

The Bread Unit for 6th grade Design class was inspired from brainstorming with some other teachers at CA and then finding this book, among other resources on Amazon.

I was trying to find a good project so Design class could collaborate on the 6th grade Culture project.  I wanted to change it from previous years.  To me, food is an important part of culture.  It’s one of the reasons we travel.  I love to explore different foods and eat meals using only the freshest ingredients from different regions of the world.

Bread is the foundation of many ancient civilizations.  It provids sustenance, it is portable and can be made with limited ingredients with basic techniques.

Team Work!

While I felt this unit was great, I feel it was limited by our one class a week schedule and some of the limits of our Food Lab.  That being said, I thought you guys did a great job!  I was impressed by your final products and I think that you learned a lot about baking bread.  It may have been a bit over ambitious to make bread as your first Food Tech units in Design class, but you just proved that with hard work and motivation, anything can get done!

And now on to our next unit….  Making Tutorials!  Here’s the Tutorial Design Folder Template you’ll need.

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