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Looking forward to perform this piece (an arrangement) at the Centennial Ceremony with all HS Bands!

Strings’ Tutorials


Composer’s Letters

If you would like to know a little more about the personal lives of famous composers, listen to some of the audio files for  “Composers’ Letters”.  I am starting with J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart!1-05 Letter-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1-02 Letter-Johann Sebastian Bach

Excellent article on music training and the development of the brain.


I found this great poster about music. It is in Spanish, however you will be able to recognize several symbols and maybe several words too!Music- what for?

Baroque Music!

HS Orchestra is currently working on an original score by the German composer from the baroque period  George Frederick Haendel (1685-1759): the Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No.1 This is a very fine recording of this musical work performed by the Slovak Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Bohdan Warchal.