Green Echo 2015


Green Echo

Piya Sarkar | Grade 6 

For my first MS Fall Trip, I went to Green Echo. This trip was very exciting and entertaining! I made many new friends. I really think the whole point of fall trips are to meet people who you don’t really know, and making friends with people you aren’t necessarily friends with. I really wanted to go to Green Echo because I heard the food was delicious and it was also an enjoyable place. On the other hand, some people were saying that there were many bugs and insects in Green Echo, but I never really experienced anything with bugs there, even though a few moths stuck to our cabin’s windows at night. Otherwise, not so many things irritated me! During the bus ride, I sat with my friends and played card games. We also chatted about many things. I was pretty sleepy, so I slept for an hour than woke up, because we had almost reached. On the first day, we arrived and then we played some activities, like going hiking and then writing a haiku about what we observed in the hike. I think I’m reflective because I wrote a haiku which I’ve never done before. I enjoyed the nature and fresh air, because it was so peaceful and calm. We also played a game in which a person is the prey and the other person is the predator. That game taught us about how animals are like. It was funny watching other people making animal noises, and I think it feels weird for all of us when we have to play it with someone! After that, we also had a campfire! In the campfire, we ate biscuits and marshmallows, listened to scary stories and played games like Telephone and a game which Ms. Garneau invented, which was basically like she does a weird dance thing and we take turns trying to copy that. I think I failed! Inside the cabin, we played Mafia, and I had never played that game before so I think that I was open minded. Mafia was fun, but it took very long. We also watched TV (as there was a TV in our cabin) and played Would You Rather with the 6th graders. It was really fun! In the second day, we went with Mrs. Smailes’ attendance group (I was in Mr. Gorski’s attendance group) to create like a creation made out of twigs and leaves. I think that I was open minded that time because my group created something different out of twigs. We also played tag with the other attendance group. Like I heard, the dinner food was very yummy! In the last day, we went hiking. I have gone hiking many times before, and I love hiking a lot. It was different for me because the road was much narrower and the view was different. The hike had many beautiful waterfalls. It was fun hiking with your friends because you could go at the same pace and talk while hiking. I was a risk taker because it was a much narrower road and I almost tripped and it was pretty scary but I hiked all the way. Then we ate lunch and we left Green Echo! It was so much fun and I will never forget it!



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4 thoughts on “Green Echo 2015

  1. Hi Piya,
    It sounds like you had such a huge range of interesting activities on the Green Echo trip. I like your twig creation, and the hike looks very scenic. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Ms Durkin

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