ESOL-Come to CA


Jae Young


Best Program, Best Place

Canadian Academy


You learn and have fun, that is where school is. The school that has those fun programs are hard to find. But there’s one in Japan! It’s Canadian Academy!


Canadian Academy is about learning and having fun. To be the school that has the best program we need a lot of fun programs. Not just the programs that you have to work on, it is the programs that you could have fun and the programs that you can enjoy. The programs that mostly everyone likes to do is the after school activity. On the after school activities on the Elementary school are soccer, tennis and more! In Middle school the after school sports is more fun than Elementary school’s. We get to go to far places and play matches with other schools. We also have programs like eco-club, and more.(some more examples)


The most important program is about learning. In the learning program there are homework trackers and  turnitin in Middle school. The homework tracker is about tracking the homework and you send an email that you didn’t do your homework. The turnitin is the thing that checks if you copied something from the website or not.


2 thoughts on “ESOL-Come to CA

  1. I love the consistent posts on your blog. Keep posting your scholastic achievements and cool events that you have participated in.

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