As for this fall trip, I went to Wakasawan. In Waksawan, we created rafts and rode on them, we had a talent show, and we had an cutter boat activity. We also learnt and studied about marine life. I think this trip changed me as a person, making me open minded, making me talk to students in other grade levels and discussing about how to figure out different activities. Also, this trip made me a balanced person, forcing me not to play futsal or using wifi, but play with nature, friends, and what is there. For me, I am basically playing futsal or studying, so this was a good chance for me to refresh my feelings. Not only the activities, a scary story that M11999613_1104729232872274_5069667659959635233_or. Taylor told us, playing around with people in different grade levels, and learning different types of marine life was really fun. This trip is the best so far! 12010630_1104729496205581_4249224294575607271_o12039035_1104728779538986_7216219487833462654_o