8 thoughts on “One world essay “How we could save energy?”

  1. Hej Ebba,
    This was a piece of interesting work. I think that you have brought up some apprpriate aspects of energysaving in your school. It is interesting that we are actually using more energy to cool down on the earth than heating up…so I guess the aircondition part is important to consider. I would have loved to hear a bit more about why animals will die due to the energy challenges!! Thanks for some good reading!

  2. Hej Ebba,
    (I’m so good at Swedish I know)
    This was a well-written essay. I really liked the part: “Another thing CA can think about to be more ECO friendly is the cafeteria, because it often have small candy and snack packets. The small packets with snack is often transported a long way with car and they release bad gases for the nature.” It is very descripitive and you wrote what could happen. It is a good suggestion for the school.
    Thanks for letting me read it!
    Great job!

  3. Jag tycker att du har skrivit en underbar uppsatts. Du skrev om olika aspekter av energi sparande saker i CA. Du beskrev vad som skulle kunna hända. Du har välsigt fina idéer om vad vi kan göra och du skrev med vetenskapliga ord. Du sitade alla dina sources och det var väldigt bra. Men, jag tycker att du kan göra dina meningar lite kortare genom att seperera dom men du ändo använder all information. Helt och hållet, så gjorde du väldigt fint jobb.

  4. This was a fantastically written essay. There are a lot of facts in this essay. The writer uses the facts and interprets them using their critical thinking. This essay was very interesting because the writer critically thinks about how CA can develop into an ECO friendly school. This was a great piece of work.

  5. Hej Ebba!
    You have written a very good text. I’ve learned a lot. You gave good exampels of how people can save our planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels, the use of fossil will lead to a warmer and warmer earth , leading to the animals may die. Very good Ebba!
    -Ebba B

  6. Hej Ebba!
    Your essay is really well written! I love the way you used scientific terms, like resources, skylight, etc. It is clearly shown that you have done a lot of research, and took plenty of notes during the tour. I learned a lot more about fossil fuels and the types of energy. Great job!

  7. This is an important topic as the energy usage is in our control.
    Motion sensors were installed at my previous workplace. It sometime meant that if you were sitting still fo a long time one had to move the hands aound to get the light on again :).

  8. Interesting write up! I, too, think skylights are a great way of saving energy at CA. Also, they look much nicer than neon lights, and don’t give people headaches!

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