SBC Semester 2

As a member of SBC this year, it was a wonderful experience and I loved organizing events such as spirit week along with the other SBC members and strive to make middle school a more enjoyable place for students. As an 8th grader this year, it was important for me to be more active and be more forthcoming about my ideas and be a leader. My experience as a student leader for the past two years were amazing and taught me not only how to be confident in public speaking but also the pleasure of making others feel happy and glad to be in CA’s middle school. The smile and laughter of the students during events that we organized was heartwarming and made me glad that I was in the SBC. We are currently working on the Fun Bowl that will be held on the last day of school. Looking back at all the fun I had  as a member of the SBC, I hope to continue my work and take leadership in high school so as to contribute to make high school a better environment for myself and the students.

SBC Semester 1

Throughout Semester 1, I think I grew as a member of the SBC, taking on more responsibilities and striving to make school a better, more enjoyable learning environment for students.  This year, I became more aware of my role / position as an 8th grader in the SBC and tried to be a leader, leading discussions and contributing more often than last year. I also helped out at many events such as the SBC sponsored dance, Back to School Night, G4 Active Citizenship Fair and I am currently helping to promote Pink Shirt Day, which is an anti-bullying campaign, and prepare for the upcoming SBC Sponsored Dance.



SBC Sponsored Dance

On Friday, the first dance of the year was held in the cafeteria. As a member of the SBC, I helped organize the dance and make it successful. During the preparation of the dance, Gry and I were responsible for publicity. We announced about the upcoming dance during assembly and talked about the date, dress code, fee etc.. Considering the time we were given to prepare the presentation (2/3 days), I think we did quite well. Additionally, we created posters to stick around school so the students were aware of the detailed information.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.06.04 PM

Right after school finished on the day of the dance, I helped prepare the drinks and ice for about 15 minutes. At 5:00pm, all of the SBC members gathered to prepare for the dance that would be starting in an hour. I helped set up the photo booth. It was very challenging as the backdrop was not organized beforehand and since there was nothing to hold the backdrop in place, we had to tie to the staircase. Adjusting the height of the backdrop took quite a lot of time but it turned out well.

During the dance, I helped out at the food shift from 6:00~9:00 pm. Originally, I had planned to help out from 6:00~8:00 but as some people did not constantly stay at the booth and were not on duty, I decided to help out at all three shifts. As the flow of the people who wanted drink and pizza did not cease throughout the dance, I was exhausted after the dance but I personally enjoyed it a lot. I was very impressed that the all of the pizza was gone and the turnout was very good. The students evidently enjoyed the dance and I am excited to help out other events as a member of the SBC this year.



Back to School Night

On Tuesday, I helped out at Back to School Night from 5:45~8:30. First of all, all of the parents gathered in the main theatre to listen to the introduction. From 6:00 pm, the parents visited their child’s advisory, and teachers of period 1, 2 , 3 and 4. Each shift was 10 minutes. Between each shift, there was 5 minutes to go the next classroom. We were very busy between each shift as there were a lot of parents who were unsure of where to go. We guided them to the classrooms and as there was only 5 minutes in between, we were (half) running around the school, helping parents, collecting unclaimed schedules from teachers and searching schedules for late parents from lots of piles etc. Therefore, it was a relief when it was break time (Social Mingle), where parents can communicate and “mingle” while having treats such as chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins, coffee etc. Student SBC Guides such as myself were also allowed to take a treat! I took a chocolate chip cookie and it tasted so good after a busy hour. I had to refuel my energy since there was still an hour to go. After the social mingle, there were 4 more shifts in which we continued helping out. Towards the end, we started cleaning up, picking up trash that the parents had left, taking off papers from the boards which was not easy as the pins would not come off easily. One pin ended up inside my shirt, which was very awkward. However, it was a great privilege for me to help out as a member of the SBC and I am looking forward to continuing my work as a SBC member this year. Also as an act of service, I think my work helped the parents feel more welcomed and make back to school night enjoyable and interesting for them.  I think I earned 3.25 points. (meeting included)


SBC Semester 2

Throughout semester 2 of helping out as a member of the SBC, we continued our effort of making middle school a better environment for everyone. We sent out surveys to students and discussed possible actions in response to the survey results and effective solutions focused on 1 or 2 problems such as bad language and bullying. In order to provide fun events for middle school, we are currently preparing for the Fun Bowl which will be held on the last day of school. The Fun Bowl is an activity where contestants (mixed grades) are given questions and if they get it right, they earn a point. The questions consist of both academic questions and non-academic questions such as “What is Ms. Nishizawa’s favourite color?” in which the obvious answer is green. As a member of the tech team, I will be helping out with audio/visual questions and tech work on the day and I am very excited about it! As a SBC leader, I think I have helped the MS community by providing a better environment for students and teachers and it has also positively impacted me as I learnt that listening to others via surveys etc. and brainstorming ideas to come up with good solutions can really bring change and help middle school be a comfortable and enjoyable place for students and teachers. My first year as a SBC Leader has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to sharing my ideas more actively next year.

SBC 2014~2015 Semester 1

During the first semester of helping out as a member of the Student Body Council, I experienced a lot of things and it was a fascinating time! As a team, we came up with a lot of interesting and engaging activities for middle school and incorporated different ideas to make the school a better place for everyone. One of the events that we organized was the Talent Show. There were a lot of unique acts and I think the middle school enjoyed it a lot. Recently, we also had a dance to celebrate the end of Semester 1 and it was very successful thanks to the careful organization done by the SBC and the teachers who helped out. Helping out as a member of the SBC has been very exciting and I cannot wait to see what we can do next semester!





Pink Shirt Day

On February 25th, students in middle school wore pink to promote the ‘Pink Shirt Campaign’ which originated in Canada. The campaign was started by two seniors from a school in Nova Scotia. David Sheperd and Travis Price bought and distributed 75 pink shirts after hearing that a male student was being bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt on the first day of school. Charles McNeill wore the pink shirt to support his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer but got bullied very harshly by classmates. To stop the bullying and show acceptance, David and Travis went online and e-mailed everyone they knew to encourage them to wear pink shirts the next day to support Charles, who was treated very unfairly by the bullies. David and Travis code-named it “The Sea of Pink” and on the next day to their surprise, over 400 students and teachers showed up wearing pink and from that day on, the bullies stopped what they were doing and their campaign was a huge success. Now, the campaign is recognized by over 25 countries worldwide and the pink shirt has become a symbol for the fight against bullying!

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Pink Shirt Day via

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The MS SBC Sponsored Dance

On Friday, the MS SBC Sponsored Dance was held in the cafeteria, from 6:00 p.m.~9:00 p.m. In order to prepare for the dance, I helped out as a member of the SBC, from 3:30~4:00, 5:00~6:00 and about 2 hours between 6:00~9:00. My partner and I were responsible for the decoration and we made a colorful banner that said, “Welcome too…. The first MS dance of the year!”. It was great fun making the banner as creativity is one of my strong points and I really enjoyed crumpling up the paper to make the border.

During the dance, I also helped out at the entrance, food booth and the table where the boxes were set up. At the entrance, we checked if the students had semi-formal clothing on and we made sure they paid 300 yen if they were wearing casual clothing. Also, we gave out tickets that allowed them to have 2 pizza slices and 1 drink for free. At the food booth, I helped out by giving out the pizza slices and drinks. It was very hectic at the box stand as lots of students came and crowded around to say their names and we had to write down the names very quickly.

Overall, it was a successful dance and I was glad I was part of it. In total, I think I earned 3.5 service points.


Photo credits: Mirai