Sexual Health: Respect, Responsibility and Rights

During the past few weeks, we have bene learning about sexual health, gender, identity and correct decision making etc.. There were many things that I did no know or discovered throughout the lessons but one thing was the wide variety of contraceptives and the advantages and risks that go along with it. I realized that since contraceptives do not guarantee the prevention of pregnancy 100%, it is essential that we understand and keep in the mind the possible consequences when engaging in any sexual activity. I felt really frustrated when I heard about cases in which a transgender person in the army had to conceal the fact that he was transgender because if disclosed, he would be kicked out of the army.  However, eventually, he was able to embrace his identity as a man and not be forced to wear attire for women at formal ceremonies etc., which I believe is a great step towards accepting people who are transgender, queer or unsure of their identity.

Something I have found out about myself is that I did not know much about the other sex regarding anatomy and facts surrounding that matter, and I believe that I gained knowledge, which I had lacked previously which is essential when it comes to having a partner to have more understanding towards my male counterpart, in a relationship etc.. I learn best when presented with visuals, because it retains my attention and it is easier for me to take in information especially when the matter we are discussing is sensitive like this topic.

I believe our society is becoming more and more understanding regarding people of different identities. For example, the United States has been making many efforts to spread awareness and be understanding of people with different identities. However, many Asian countries like Japan and Korea are not so “upright” about this issue perhaps because we care so much about what other people think or view us rather than our own happiness, or we as a society still don’t have much understanding regarding this matter and thus not be able to speak up. I strongly admire ex pres. Barack Obama for taking strong action regarding this matter in the shape of legalizing same sex marriage, which has given hope to so many people and inspired many others and I believe we should follow him as an example and change the old views that still remain in this society.

I am angered by some people who are thoughtless and insensitive, who choose to believe that they are right and they have the right to intervene with someone’s life/ decision and make rude or hurtful comments. I understand that they may have different opinions regarding a certain matter but this is no excuse for pulling down someone by making hurtful comments and they should be willing to accept different views. While discussing, it was interesting to hear what my friends thought about relationships and consent and what they would do in certain situations.

Currently, same-sex marriage is not permitted and there is no serios discussion among Japanese policymakers regarding same-sex marriage. I am interested in pursuing a career related to law so in the future, I’d perhaps want to to contribute to making Japan a more welcoming and comfortable environment for people by encouraging change or spread awareness regarding this matter. Throughout this unit, I have learnt more about the wide variety of sexuality and the importance of correct decision-making when in a relationship etc.

Golf Swing Analysis & Target Unit Reflection

I noticed the following when I analyzed my golf swing:

  • My starting position was good; I had a steady stance with my feet apart and aligned horizontally which allowed me to have good balance. The position of the ball/ tee was not in the middle and closer to my left foot.
  • I think I could’ve bent my knees (especially my right) as makes it easy to shift my weight forward without losing balance during my swing.
  • My left arm was very straight, helping me hit the ball farther and more solid.
  • Although I had a good stance at first, my followthrough needs improvement. When I swung the club, the position of my feet moved a lot, causing my balance to be insecure.

a) List 3 similarities between the different target games (Frisbee & golf) we covered in this unit. Describe the similarities.

A similarity between the two games is that you have to have a good stance/ position when throwing the frisbee or swinging the club. Another similarity is that in both Frisbee & golf, you aim a target and the follow through/ actions that lead to the swing/ throw is important. For example in Frisbee, you have to turn your body and flick the wrist correctly in order to throw accurately/ well. In golf, you have to have the correct stance, have your feet aligned horrizontally, keep eyes on the ball, bend knees and keep your arm straight before the swing. Another similarity is that both sports mainly use hands and arm unlike soccer although the legs are important for having a good stance.

b) Skill acquisition requires perseverance and knowledge of the different components of target games. What successes did you have in this unit?

In Frisbee, I learned to have a firm grip pretty fast and I think my throws were parallel to the ground, which made it travel faster and more accurate. In golf, I think I did well in having a steady, balanced stance, having my arm straight and hitting the ball accurately and powerfully.

c) What were some things you found challenging in this Target unit? What did you do to correct your skill?

Although sometimes I was a little frustrated that I kept on hitting the mat instead of the ball, I kept persevering until I was able to consistently hit the balls accurately. I also had a habit of swinging too hard, causing my body to pivot which was apparently amusing for some people. As I practiced on stance, I became better at controlling my swing and not turning around too much.

Dance Unit- Choreography

October 8th

As a group (Ayano, Romane, Amelia), we decided that we will be using part of the Kennedy Center Performance from Pitch Perfect 2. As the beat in Timber is straightforward, we can incorportate the cross-leg move from Toshi’s dance routine and other steps.

October 16th

We have decided that we will be starting in a line and spread out one at a time and do a pique and pirouettes until we reach our spot. When the faster part starts, we have decided to the box step as there is a clear four-beat rhythm throughout the part. When it says “It’s going down”, we go down and have one knee on the ground and be in a kneeling position with one of our hands on the ground. When it says “I’m yelling timber”, we swiftly stand up and first turn to the right, pretending to yell with our hands on our mouth and then turn to the left. Next, we do the first step of Toshi’s dance routine (to the right and to the left), second step of Toshi’s dance routine (to the right and to the left). When the song says “Face down, booty up”, we look down and lift our hips.

October 20th

We have decided that when it says “We got the World…..”, Ayano and I move a bit towards the middle so as not to be too far away, before going down on our knee. Also, we will move to the right and and move to the right and left while lifting our hips and doing the hand movement of Indian Dance after the second step of Toshi’s dance routine (to the right and to the left). After “Face down, booty up”, we do a few steps from the virginia reel during the transition.

October 22th

After the virginia reel, we do the arm bending move from the original kennedy center performance video and hip move. Towards the end, we do a pique and pirouhettes into the middle and get to our positions in which we end in a single file and put our arms out. We have decided that we will be wearing a white/ grey top and shorts/ jeans.

Dance Assessment

1) Describe how you planned your performance?

We created the steps and planned out our performance by identifying dance routines/ steps that will match the rhythm in the song. For example at the start of the song, we imagined the opening of the curtains at a stage and so for introduction, we danced ballet; a pique and pirouettes. When the relaxed and slower melody transitions to a faster melody with very clear beats, we did the box step from Toshi’s dance routine matching to the four-beat rhythm. After a bit of change at “It’s going down”, where we went down in a kneeling position with one knee on the ground and our right hand on the ground, the music resumed the four-beat rhythm in which we put in the first step of Toshi’s dance routine (to the right and to the left) and the second step of Toshi’s dance routine (to the right and to the left), which matches the rhythm. After “Face down, booty up”, where we looked down and lifted our hips, we put in steps from the virginia reel. As shown above in the dance routine, we choreographed our dance by identifying dance steps that match the rhythm/ beat in the song.

2) Why did you choose the particular genres?

Before working on our dance routine, we explored a variety of genres of dances from different cultures so we could incorporate them in our dances. We had the MS dance teacher, Toshi come in as a guest to teach us hip hop and Ms. Premchand to teach us indian dance such as Punjabi and Bhangra. Ms. Shirota taught us ballet which I personally I enjoyed a lot and Mr. Cook taught us the virginia reel and dances from ’70s including the bus stop. We included all genres of dances in our dance routine as we thought it would be interesting to reflect different cultures in our dance.

3) Why did you choose the particular music

The mashup of We Got The World, Timber and America The Beautiful by The Barden Bellas of the Kennedy Center Performance in Pitch Perfect 2 was ideal for the dance performance as there were frequent changes of speed and mood, where we could change the genre of dance easily. For example, at the slower parts, we could dance ballet and dance hip-hop at the faster parts. The song was also very energetic, with a strong impact on the audience and the fact that it was a mash-up of different songs made it more entertaining and rich in variety. The song also had a very clear four-beat rhythm throughout the song which made it easier for us to incorporate different steps/ routines and match up with the music.

1)   How does culture influence dance?

Using indian dance as an example, people normally dance to show celebration or happiness and the culture also influences dance heavily in India. There are religious aspects to the music and dance as for example, Dama Dam Mast Qalandar by Mika Singh Feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh is a pop version of a traditional Punjabi spiritual song, which was written a few centuries ago in honor of the most revered Sufi Saint of Sindh, Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan Sharif, District Jamshoro, Pakistan, who worked for the unity of Hinduism and Islam. The original Dama Dam Mast Qalandar is one of the most famous qawwali and Qalandar is referred to as Hazrat (holiness), Shahbaz (king of falcons and a goldy figure leading to victory, divine spirit in Iranian mythology) and Qalandar (sufi faint, poet, mystic, nobel man) in the song and there are historical and culture aspects along with religions aspects influencing the music. During the performance of their dance, Mika and Yo Yo raise their arms frequently to show respect and praise their allah (god).

2)   How are different dance genres developed? What influences?

Throughout history, dance has been an important part of ceremonies, celebrations and entertainment since the prehistoric times traces of dance have been found in 9,000 year old Bhimbetka rock shelters paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings showing dance figures from c. 3300 BC. Dance has also been a form of protection against diseases or showing expressions such as love. An example of the transition and change during the development of a dance genre is the transition from court dancing to Romanticism, where there were drastic changes in costume and choreography during the 18th~19th century, allowing more freedom when dancing and conducive to a fuller use of greater and expressive motions of the body. The development and acceptance of heel-less shoes opened the door to pointework, eventually leading to ballet.

3)   Describe 2 things you learnt from this dance unit.

Throughout the dance unit, I learnt a wide variety of dances from different cultures and they were influenced by the culture of the country, and that teamwork was most important when choregographing and planning our dance as we had to incorporate everyone’s ideas and put them into one dance routine. Also, at first, we were planning to wear our P.E. clothes during the dance performance but I thought we should all wear something different such as a white shirt on top and any shorts/ jeans to be more colorful and unique, and show that we have made an extra effort to look better as what we wear is also part of performance. Although my idea and the idea of my teammates were in conflict as they thought that changing the outfit was tiresome and were unwilling to wear the coordination I suggested, I was persistent and wrote an e-mail, explaining the reasonings behind my decision. I doubted that they will change their mind at first but I was delighted and very happy when they accepted and agreed to wear the outfit and I realized that through communicating clearly to my teammates and thinking through together, we can come up with a solution, leading to great outcomes; our dance was a success and I was very glad when Mr. Cook approved of our decision to wear a unique outfit.

Nutrition Assignment

Grade 7 Nutrition Assessment

Pinzimonio / crudite Wei-Duaimn Woo via Compfight

1)Complete the input diary for 3 days (Below Credits)

2) Discuss what you found from your diary?

  1. I have a negative calculation as I do not take enough calories everyday.
  2. I think I will slightly decrease in weight if I continue to eat like this as I gain less than the recommended amount of calories per day which is about 1300 calories. On the third day, I only gained 649 calories.
  3. An example of a long term issue that might occur is loss of energy and it might affect my daily activities such as studying which can lead to lower grades. It might also lead to malnutrition if I do not take enough nutrients. An example of a short term issue is decrease of my weight.

3) The approximate recommended amount of water I should consume per day is 5 cups of water as the recommended amount for an average adult (women) is 9 cups a day.

4) If my water intake is below the recommended amount, I might become dehydrated and have health problems such as urinary cancer and heart attacks. I will also have a slower metabolism. Also, my bowel might not function properly and I might get constipation which is a condition in which I am not able to dispose my waste properly or my stomach might be painful.

5) Some of the positive things of my dad to day eating is that I have a healthy, balanced diet in which I take a lot of vitamin and healthy nutrients by drinking vegetable and fruit juice in the morning. Caesars Kitchen also provides healthy meals that include vegetables and balanced dishes. Also, I make sure I do not eat snacks right before I sleep as it can reduce the length and quality of my sleep and it will make me tired and less active the next day.

6) I would like to make sure that I have a slightly positive diet and have a good balance of my daily intake and calorie burn rate. I will do so by making sure that I eat a lot after exercising so I can fill the number of calories I burnt.


Nutrition and healthy eating. (n.d.). Retrieved January 26, 2015, from

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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.15.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.15.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.15.42 PM

Circus Unit Reflection

For the Circus Unit, I focused on three apparatuses; juggling, diablo and spinning plates. Although I am not very strong in juggling, I was able to continously juggle the balls 5 times. For diablo, I was able to control it and adjust the spinning by moving my arms and making sure that it does not tilt too much in one direction. Also, I was able to do the “Throw and Catch” successfully. I think I did very well in spinning plates, as I performed many tricks such as “Throw & Catch:”, spinning the plate on my finger and passing with three people.

Reaching this point took a lot of practice and we dedicated each class for each skill. Also when working on passing the plates with three people, we told each other how to improve on the throws and made sure that the throws were accurate. We also encouraged each other and we valued teamwork.

Some difficulties I faced were coming up with a sequence to show my skills effectively. However, after talking to my group members, we came up with a routine that was perfect and also creative and very unique. Next time in order to get a higher score, I should make sure that I do not go out of the screen when performing.

Net Games Reflection

During the last few weeks, we played Badminton and Pickeball as part of our netgame unit.

❏      What skills and strategies did I succeed in?

When playing badminton, I used my strategy of backing up a few steps beforehand in order to be able to hit it accurately without missing it. Also, I stood in the middle before the game, so I can move both directions quickly.

❏      What skills and strategies did I find difficult?

The drop shot was quite challenging for me as I am used to hitting it strong. In order to improve on it, I should practice with my partner and try to control my force with more effort. I got really frustrated when I missed the birdie when we were about to win.  Next time, I will look carefully at where the net meets the birdie so I do not miss.

❏      What were some of the similarities between the different the net games?

We use rackets and serve to the person on the opposite side.

❏      Were you able to transfer skills from one net game to the other?

The rackets were of similar size and therefore, even though the sport was different, I did not have much trouble when converting from pickleball to badminton.

Culture Night

On Thursday, it was Culture Night and it was a very exciting event! It took an incredible amount of time and effort to prepare for it so it was a little tiring. However, it was very enjoyable as it felt good to present all the work we did. For math, Gry and I made a presentation powerpoint in which we combined the information for the four groups Government, Religion, Art & Architecture and Commerce & Leisure. Owing to Mr. Okada, who managed the slides, I was able to successfully present and give the speech. Thank you so much Mr. Okada!!!!

Click here to see the powerpoint we made!

Click here to see the script of my speech!

Click here to see the video of me presenting

My group which was G0vernment had to come up with the number and time systems of Charamba. In order to do so, we had to be very creative and also be thoughtful of how realistic the ideas were. In order to be able to discuss about possible ideas and to do our work quickly, we discussed on a document outside school and although it took a lot of time and effort to complete all the work, we felt extremely proud of ourselves when we finished it.

Math Speech at Culture Night

Math Speech at Culture Night

In order to explain the number and time systems well with visuals, I made posters about how the number system and the time system worked in Charamba. The pictures below are the pictures of the posters I made.

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

In P.E., we created our own original dance and although sometimes creating moves and memorizing all of the moves was challenging, we practiced a lot and we were able to dance confidently at Culture Night. It was very enjoyable and I would like to thank Mr. Wilson and Ms. Ayumi for helping us during the process. Also, thank you Ms. Nishizawa for helping us during the face-painting and Ms. Sugiyama for taking the videos for the skits.

Dancing at Culture Night!

Dancing at Culture Night!

Click here to see us dancing!

In English, we created our own Charambian myths that were related to our topic. For example, I was in the Government group and therefore I wrote about why there are six leaders for each district. Creating the myth was very enjoyable and owing to Mr. Smailes and his detailed check of my story, I was able to create a good myth. Below is the link to the myth I wrote. I hope you enjoy it!

At Culture Night, we also held a Reader’s Theatre and we presented a myth. It was really exciting and I really enjoyed telling the myth.

Reader's Theatre at Culture Night

Reader’s Theatre at Culture Night

For science, we learnt how constellations and the night sky were associated with different cultures and learnt how people from all around the world viewed the beautiful night sky. Learning about the constellations and looking at the Planetarium was very fascinating and I had a lot of fun. Also, I really enjoyed looking at the colourful lights that Mr. Vest let us see as a treat. My table group made a poster about “Pisces”, a constellation that was important to the Charambian tribe.

Pisces Poster

Pisces Poster

In Humanities, we created the Charambian culture from scratch and although sometimes it was challenging as we had to be creative and create our own, unique culture, it was very, very enjoyable and it was extremely exciting to be able to present our own indigenous culture at Culture Night. Also, researching about what cultures did in the past was very interesting.

Click here to read my “The Government of Ancient Times” essay!

Below is the picture of the poster I made.

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

In Design, we made an artifact that was related to our topic. As I was in the Government group, I made a box called “Chakampa” that was used to determine which leader was responsibe for which village’s finance etc.

My Design Project!

My Design Project!

Owing to Mr. Mayhew and Mrs. Smailes’ guidance, I was able to make a well-made project and poster and also write a good research paper. Also as Mr. Mayhew gave us lots of useful tips when giving speeches and practiced a lot, it really payed off and I was able to confidently speak.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Okada, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Ayumi, Ms. Nishizawa, Mrs. Smailes, Ms. Sugiyama, Mr. Smailes, Mr. Vest and finally, Mr. Mayhew for organizing the whole event and other members who helped with the stage light. Thank you!!!!

Yumi’s Dance Performance 2014



When choreographing our culture dance for the Charambian culture, we put in a lot of creative and original moves such as the snow leopard claws. As snow leopards are sacred animals that represent the Charambian government, we put in the clawing moves. Also as the Charamba river is sacred, we put in the fish moves. Choreographing our own dance was very enjoyable and I really enjoyed dancing to the beat with colourful lights at Culture Night. Althought it was fun, it was sometimes hard to memorize all of the dance moves.

Also, some dance moves were challenging and to make it perfect, we had to practice a lot of times. However overall, it was very enjoyable and I think the dance was a great success owing to Mr. Wilson and Ms. Ayumi who guided us through the process and my group members Unnati, Jayson and Zachary. Thank you!!!

Dancing at Culture Night!

Dancing at Culture Night!


Click here to view my Culture Night Dance

Click here to see the story-board!

Basketball Layup Reflection

Click here to see my basketball layup

Click here to play the cool Google interactive game

1) Lay-up fundamentals for doing well on a layup

·      1) approach from an angle

·      2) use the backboard

·      3) take 2 steps

·      4) shoot from the chest

·      5) finish past the basket

·      6) right arm and right knee go up together

·      7) finger roll or lay it in/up


2) Reflection:


In the first attempt, the ball succeeded in going through the hoop. I approached from an angle and used the backboard. I also shot from my chest and I finished past the backboard. When I lifted my right arm, I also lifted my right leg. However, I did not do the finger roll and only took one step. I think I also dribbled the ball too high. Therefore, I missed a few fundamentals. However, I think it was good.

In the second attempt, the ball failed in going through the hoop. Unlike the first attempt, I took two steps. Although I used the backboard I shot from the front rather than an angle. I shot from a little above my chest and I finished past the backboard. Like the first attempt, I also lifted my right leg when lifting up my right arm. I think I should definitely work on my finger roll skills as I was not able to do a finger roll in both attempts. I think I also dribbled too high in the second attempt. However, I think I did well in the other fundamentals.

Basketball was a great unit and I am looking forward to doing dance after the health session.

My Golf Swing

For the first few weeks, we had golf as our main sport. The challenging parts of golf were where we had to think carefully about our every move. First of all, we had to grip the club correctly- that was the most important thing of all. How you held the club affected your swing. You also had to think about your position- your feet had to be straight and positioned firmly on the ground. Next, we swung back the club till our arms were straight, then we brung back the club and hit the ball. We also learnt Mr.Wilson’s ten golf commandments. It is very disappointing that we will be ending the gold session so soon, but I am very excited about the next sport, softball.


Click on the links below to see Yumi’s golf swing

Yumi’s golf swing 1

Yumi’s golf swing 2