Industrial Revolution; Factories & Labor

My research question was ‘How did the development of the factory system and changes in labor affect individuals and the community’. I researched about the industrial revolution and focused on factories & labor. I investigated on three concepts; conditions and the dangers in factories, water-powered machines such as the Water Frame by Richard Arkwright, and the steam engine by Thomas Newcomen. I learnt how the changes of the labor system over time affected individuals and the society. The factory system brought many advantages such as increased production but there were dark sides to the industrial revolution. Child labor was a huge issue and many children under 13 were forced to work for very long hours in horrendous environments. My essay also talks about the changes affecting individuals and the society as many inventions were made.

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The Engine of the Industrial RevolutionCreative Commons License Gene Selkov via Compfight

Overcoming Obstacles

For the Overcoming Obstacles Unit, I wrote a research paper and made a presentation about an obstacle that is severely affecting Sierra Leone; lack of medical care.

Humanities Rubric pg 1                                                                  Humanities Rubric pg 2


Presentation Notes

Hum Pres. Script 1                                                     Hum. Pres. Script 2

What is the Purpose of Aid Organizations?

Aid organizations are organizations that provide aid and ensure a better life for animals and humans etc. For example, UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Education Fund) ensures that childrens’ rights are protected by helping families with serious financial issues and making sure that the children are healthy by giving out medicine and providing a clean environment. UNICEF also help children get an education by providing school equipments etc. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is another organization that protects wildlife/ nature, help people live more sustainably and take action against climate change. As can seen above, different organizations have different missions and they help make the world a better place.


Unicef via


Stock Market Simulation Reflection

In order to find out more about stocks and learning how human activity impacts the economy, we traded stocks in a stock market simulation game. During the first few days, I purchased stocks from two companies BABA (Alibaba) and COST (Costco). As I was not experienced and was a little afraid to be a risk-taker and buy stocks from more companies, I decided to wait a bit longer. However, I talked with my friends and discussed about good companies that were worth investing and decided to buy more stocks from different companies including AMZN (Amazon), P (Pandora), GHC (Graham Holdings Co.), WMT (Walmart), AAPL (Apple) and WFM (Whole Foods Market). The media also impacted my decisions greatly. During the few weeks, I would always run up to my mother or father to check if there was news about stocks in the newspaper. Also, I researched about companies and observed the trend line of the stocks for each company carefully in order to make a good decision. The stock watch list helped as well.

Along the way, I made sales and additional purchases as the value or price of some stocks were rapidly dropping and some stocks were clearly rising. For example, the stocks of the company Alibaba was continuously dropping rapidly from November 13th to November 19th. The price of the stock dropped from 119.3 to 115.1. 115.1 to 114.25. 114. 25 to 110.81 and 110.81 to 108.82. In 6 days, the price of the stock dropped 10.48 dollars. On November 18th, I hurriedly deleted 100/170 of my stocks to prevent more loss. On the other hand, the stock price of Graham Holdings Co. rose rapidly from December 2nd to December 9th. The price of the stock rose from 894.89 to 907.61, 907.61 to 928. 928 to 941.1. 941.1 to 940.14 and 940.14 to 945.36. In one week, the stock rose 50.47 dollars (894.89~945.36). Therefore, I purchased 1 more stock on December 13th.

During the few weeks, I learnt how risk-taking trading stocks were and experiencing buying and selling stocks was very interesting for me.

Trading Up Reflection

During the trade up project, we started off with a paperclip and our goal was to trade up to an ideal object with bigger value. The purpose of this long-term project was to experience bartering and trading up. During the first few weeks of trading, it was relatively easy to find someone who wanted to trade with you and get an agreement. However, as more time passed, people became less interested in the project as it was assigned a long time ago. Therefore, it was a little challenging to trade very frequently. Also, some people were forgetful and even though we made an agreement, I had to wait for about a week. Consequently, my trades were sometimes not that consistent.


However, at the end of the project, I was able to make 9 trades and the value of my final product was about ¥15,000. Therefore, I think the project was a great success despite the challenges and the final product was much more valuable than the paperclip I started off with. Below is the chart that shows my trades.

Brown Paper Clip Mr. Chambers (27/08/14)
Blue Paper Clip Traded with Zachary (27/08/14)
3 Big Clips with cute designs Traded with my mother (27/08/14)
Yellow Frixion Highlighter Traded with Sophie (28/08/14)
Triple- color Pen Traded with my father (30/08/14)
Triple-color pen with a mechanical pencil Traded with Young-ah (31/08/14)
Saizeriya Drink Bar Contract Traded with Sophie (1/09/14)
Pencil Case Traded with neighbour (10/09/14)
Antique- Style Compass Traded with Michael (15/09/14)
Dolphin Handmade Venetian Glass OrnamentOwl Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Duck Handmade Venetian Glass Ornament

Traded with Nicolas (9/10/14)

Culture Night

On Thursday, it was Culture Night and it was a very exciting event! It took an incredible amount of time and effort to prepare for it so it was a little tiring. However, it was very enjoyable as it felt good to present all the work we did. For math, Gry and I made a presentation powerpoint in which we combined the information for the four groups Government, Religion, Art & Architecture and Commerce & Leisure. Owing to Mr. Okada, who managed the slides, I was able to successfully present and give the speech. Thank you so much Mr. Okada!!!!

Click here to see the powerpoint we made!

Click here to see the script of my speech!

Click here to see the video of me presenting

My group which was G0vernment had to come up with the number and time systems of Charamba. In order to do so, we had to be very creative and also be thoughtful of how realistic the ideas were. In order to be able to discuss about possible ideas and to do our work quickly, we discussed on a document outside school and although it took a lot of time and effort to complete all the work, we felt extremely proud of ourselves when we finished it.

Math Speech at Culture Night

Math Speech at Culture Night

In order to explain the number and time systems well with visuals, I made posters about how the number system and the time system worked in Charamba. The pictures below are the pictures of the posters I made.

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

In P.E., we created our own original dance and although sometimes creating moves and memorizing all of the moves was challenging, we practiced a lot and we were able to dance confidently at Culture Night. It was very enjoyable and I would like to thank Mr. Wilson and Ms. Ayumi for helping us during the process. Also, thank you Ms. Nishizawa for helping us during the face-painting and Ms. Sugiyama for taking the videos for the skits.

Dancing at Culture Night!

Dancing at Culture Night!

Click here to see us dancing!

In English, we created our own Charambian myths that were related to our topic. For example, I was in the Government group and therefore I wrote about why there are six leaders for each district. Creating the myth was very enjoyable and owing to Mr. Smailes and his detailed check of my story, I was able to create a good myth. Below is the link to the myth I wrote. I hope you enjoy it!

At Culture Night, we also held a Reader’s Theatre and we presented a myth. It was really exciting and I really enjoyed telling the myth.

Reader's Theatre at Culture Night

Reader’s Theatre at Culture Night

For science, we learnt how constellations and the night sky were associated with different cultures and learnt how people from all around the world viewed the beautiful night sky. Learning about the constellations and looking at the Planetarium was very fascinating and I had a lot of fun. Also, I really enjoyed looking at the colourful lights that Mr. Vest let us see as a treat. My table group made a poster about “Pisces”, a constellation that was important to the Charambian tribe.

Pisces Poster

Pisces Poster

In Humanities, we created the Charambian culture from scratch and although sometimes it was challenging as we had to be creative and create our own, unique culture, it was very, very enjoyable and it was extremely exciting to be able to present our own indigenous culture at Culture Night. Also, researching about what cultures did in the past was very interesting.

Click here to read my “The Government of Ancient Times” essay!

Below is the picture of the poster I made.

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

In Design, we made an artifact that was related to our topic. As I was in the Government group, I made a box called “Chakampa” that was used to determine which leader was responsibe for which village’s finance etc.

My Design Project!

My Design Project!

Owing to Mr. Mayhew and Mrs. Smailes’ guidance, I was able to make a well-made project and poster and also write a good research paper. Also as Mr. Mayhew gave us lots of useful tips when giving speeches and practiced a lot, it really payed off and I was able to confidently speak.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Okada, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Ayumi, Ms. Nishizawa, Mrs. Smailes, Ms. Sugiyama, Mr. Smailes, Mr. Vest and finally, Mr. Mayhew for organizing the whole event and other members who helped with the stage light. Thank you!!!!

Formative Dance Assessment

Team Members: Unnati, Jayson & Zachary

How long is your video? 42 seconds

What are your successes?

  • 1. We included the clawing moves as the sacred animal that represents the government of Charamba is the snow leopard.
  • 2. We have different types of moves.
  • 3.  There were some places that the people on the outer side had different moves than the people in the inner side.
  • 4. We danced at different levels.

What do you need to improve?

  • 1. We should be more synchronized.
  • 2. We should always be prepared for the next move.
  • 3. Everyone should make big moves.
  • 4. We should be more confident and be all together.

Briefly list your costumes and props.

Girls will wear light green or turqoise shirts with shorts. Boys will wear dark green shirts and jeans.

Click here to see the video!

Indigenous Cultures Unit

For our Indigenous Cultures Unit I researched on the tribe, the Micronesians.

Below is the link to my powerpoint about the Micronesians.

Below is the link to my paper about the Micronesians:

Cultures can be influenced dramatically in many ways. However, the cultures are mainly influenced by visitors and tourists from all around the world. Also imports from another countries greatly influence the dietary culture of the locals as foreign food might be imported. It can also influence beliefs and the clothing and appearance of the locals.  For example during the ancient times, the Micronesians believed in Polytheism, which is the belief in more than one deity. However, Christians brought the Christian belief into the islands. Currently, Micronesia celebrates Christian rituals as well as traditional rituals. Although the Micronesians still use stone money called Raay or Feaq, they use US dollars when buying things without not much value, such as clothing and food. 


The environment also influences the culture of the Micronesians. For example, the islands are surrounded by the sea and so sea food plays a big role in the dietary culture of the Micronesians. The fact that they are surrounded by the sea also affects the belief of the Micronesians. The Micronesians believe in spirits and pray to them for safe  voyages out on the ocean, success in fishing etc. They also believe in creatures under sea. As you can see, foreign influences are very powerful on culture. However, the culture will be preserved and maintained by the people of the Micronesian Islands.

Finally, I think I did quite well on my powerpoint presentation. I think I had a clear, loud voice. My powerpoint was also visually attractive and was very effective. I also think my essay was pretty good as I had a lot of pictures that support my text and I think it was very informative.