Middle School Trips- Green Echo

As a three-day trip, we went to Green Echo this year for the middle school trips. It was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. As a way to interact with other grades and people you don’t normally talk with, I think it was very effective and I loved the trip. It was very outdoorsy and we hiked for several hours. Also, we did a lot of activities, including fun outdoor games and more literal activites. The meal was fabulous, although the quantity was a little small. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I became great friends with my cabin/ group mates and people from other grades. Finally, thank you to all the staff members who contributed to make this trip a reality.

Fun Activities!!

Fun Activities!!



Group Photo :D

Group Photo 😀

All Photo Credits to Ms. Lemley

International Kids Day

On May 24th, the 3rd Interntional Kids Day was held from 10:00~16:00 at Kobe Fashion Mart. During the event, international schools from all over Japan including CA hosted events and the event was very exciting! There were international food booths and we were able to enjoy cuisines from all around the world! I loved the Mexican tacos, takoyaki and cold, refreshing kakigori!!

International Kids Day!!

International Kids Day!!

One of the booths CA hosted was the garage sale and we sold books for 200 yen each that were donated by CA students, teachers and parents. During the book sale, I sorted the books neatly, helped the customers choose books and helped them when they wanted to know something. There was a huge variety of books and although the books were very cheap, there were a lot of really interesting books and I bought four books for 500 yen after the discount! From 11:00~12:50, I worked for about 2 hours. As soon as I finished my duty, I ran to the food booths and grabbed a tacos and takoyaki. After working for 2 hours, I was very hungry and so I devoured it in a few minutes!

After that, I continued on to work for about 2 hours in the cupcake booth from 13:05~15:00. I helped the little kids choose their toppings and decorate their cupcakes. It was very enjoyable as I felt really good when they had big smiles on their faces when they finished decorating their toppings. There was a variety of toppings they were able to put on their cupcakes. There were hershey chocolate chips, colourful jelly beans, kisses, marshmallows, sprinkles, oreo cookies and m&ms. The cupcakes looked so yummy and I loved helping out at the booth.

Overall, I worked for 4 hours during the International Kids Day and I felt really good to know that a lot of schools were supporting the Tohoku people and it was great as I had a lot of fun!

Valentines Design Challenge

Today, I made a Valentines card by sticking cute heart corn-starch cushion foam on red card paper. I stuck some fairy stickers on and put it between the traditional Hina dolls. The Hina dolls were bought by my grandparents when my mother was born. Guess how old the dolls are?…. Oh, it’s supposed to be a secret! Ha ha!