English Narrative Assignment

For our English Narrative Assignment, we wrote a narrative about one of the options. A narrative about a time when we had a fight with our friend, a time when we felt in a specific way, the stupidest thing we had ever done, the worst/ best thing that ever happened in your life etc. I chose to write about ‘The time when I felt really grateful’. I think I had a clear exposition, rising action, climax and resolution in my narrative. However in order to improve it, I think I should make it more descriptive and express my feelings with more description.

The narrative I wrote:

The time I felt really grateful

A broad grin on my face, clutching my school bag. Heart beating… I was excited. In fact, I was terribly excited. The very first day of middle school for me and also the first day of study at CA, it was just extremely exciting. It is a wonder how I didn’t blow up! I had been told, that I had to go to advisory before classes started. Determined not to be late, I climbed up the long staircase, up to the third floor. With no guidance I was a little scared. I looked around in the hallway, searching for the right advisory. I had no idea where my advisory was. Bewildered and unsure what to do, I wondered about for a few minutes.

Suddenly, I heard a friendly voice from the back. Without hesitating, I looked back and an older girl stood there smiling. Just then, she was an angel. It was if all of a sudden, an angel appeared right in front of my eyes. She asked, “Hello, what’s wrong?”. A little relieved, I said I was lost and I had to go to my advisory. First of all, she asked me who my advisor was and I told her I was supposed to go to Ms. Sugiyama’s advisory. Ever so kindly, she went into her own advisory, asked where Ms. Sugiyama’s advisory was, and actually took me upstairs and to my advisory! I was terribly, terribly grateful. I thanked her a lot of times and told my advisor what happened. It surprised me that even though it was the first time meeting her, she was very nice to me and helped me get to my classroom in time. Well actually, I was the first person to get to advisory! The girl and I became friends from that day on and we sometimes say hello to each other. I learned that when you are in trouble, there is always someone who will help you. I was just very grateful.


Personal Landscape Narratives

For our final assessment, we made a scrapbook about how our experiences changed us. We wrote narratives about important events of our life and how they changed our characteristics or shaped us.

Some comments I got were:

‘You have used at least two dialogue, simile and metaphor.’

‘The pictures helped me pinpoint locations. I really liked how you decorated the pages! It made me want to read all of the narratives.’

‘I really enjoyed your pictures! I also liked your little sentences with the picture!:) I liked your titles in each narrative!’

‘The pictures and decorations made your scrapbook even more interesting! It was a really enjoyable scrapbook!’

‘I liked your stories and design. I also liked your pictures. Your writing has a lot of memory and good vocabulary to describe what you were feeling. Great Job!’

Mr. Smailes’ Feedback

‘Thanks for sharing your narratives with me! You were (are) so cute in the photos!’

‘Some of your narratives are a listing of events or experiences, rather than a focused event with a clear exposition/ rising action/ climax/ resolution.

It was really interesting to see other people’s feedback about my scrapbook. I think as everyone said, I did a good job decorating my scrapbook and making it look nice. Although most of my narratives are easy to understand, some of my stories are a listing of events and experiences. Also in order to improve my scrapbook, including a 3D object in my scrapbook might be a good idea as it will help make it more unique and creative.

The Graveyard Book

During the past few weeks, we had been reading ‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman who is Mr. Smailes’ favourite author and a numerous award-winning author. Some of the most well known books are ‘The Sandman’, ‘Stardust’ and ‘Coraline’. While reading the book, we studied about Characterization and how the author described the main character’s traits or personalities in numerous ways. We learnt that Characterization was divided into four main parts. One was ‘ The author directly states’ in which the author directly writes about the main character like this. ‘ Bod had brown hair’. The second one was ‘Through the main character’s dialogue.’ in which the main character says something that describes his personality. ‘You should stop teasing the younger kids. You should change!’- He is very kindhearted and he takes action to save the younger victims. The third one is ‘Through other character’s thoughts, actions and dialogue.’ One example is this. ‘ Mistress Owens and I spent our lives wishing that we had a child. I do not believe that we could have ever had a better young man than you, Bod’. We know that his parents love him deeply and are very proud of him. Last but not least, ‘Main character’s thoughts, actions and dialogue. An example is ‘Why can’t I go out of the graveyard? What’s outside?’- Bod is very adventurous and curious.

After reading this book, it became one of my favourites. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to read more of the books Mr. Smailes said we can read.