Electric Experiment

We are currently reading “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind”, and we explored how to generate electricity by taking the insulating material off with sandpaper in order to a higher voltage of electricity. Taking the insulating material off the wire was a little tedious and painful as the rapid rubbing of the surface of the sandpaper against the insulating material created heat, which did not feel very pleasant. My partner and I created electricity by winding the wire (copper) and spinning a magnet inside. I am not quite sure how this created electricity but I was fascinated and it was a very interesting experiment. My partner and I were able to create voltage. 4a6f4657-bd3b-402c-8202-7ed4d920e34e4fd98d3e-39bc-4823-a991-d1e92773a0f1

Film Response- Gattaca

  1. Both the novel Unique and the film “Gattaca” offer a warning regarding the use of genetic engineering. Identify and contrast the warning from the two texts.

Although both stories are about technology that has advanced too much, the concept is very different between the two. The novel Unique portrays Dominic’s personal growth through his experiences and his quest in finding his identity, in which he realizes that although he is a clone of his brother Nick and has the exact same physical features, he is a unique, independent human being. He has the rights to decide for himself and follow his passions and not be hindered by the fact that he is a clone and suffer from unequal treatment. A warning that the story Unique hints on is that if technology advances too much, curiosity and greed will overtake common sense, making people oblivious to the feelings of other people, leading to unfair actions that violate humanitarian rights such as cloning of a human being.

Excerpt 1

Professor Holt- “Because I wanted to see if it could be done. That’s the truth.”

Dominic- ” ‘It’ meaning me, one person made from another, exactly the same? So I was an experiment, something made in your laboratory! You must think you’re so clever, you can make anything, control anything! ” “You don’t know what it’s done to me!” (p.106)

Excerpt 2

“Dominic, sixteen years ago, when I did what I did, I didn’t see what the real consequences might be. I let an arrogant, ruthless man get the better of my judgement. I allowed him to exploit my curiosity as a scientist. Could this thing be done with a human? I was sure it could, and I wanted to be the first to do it. At the time I didn’t think about Carla, or , if I did, I just thought she ought to be grateful to get her son back. I didn’t think about who that son would be… (p.134)”

Meanwhile, the message of the movie “Gattaca” is that although advanced technology can allow parents to choose the best traits from their genes and put it in their child’s DNA and make the child flawless, it is not always good for the child. In “Gattaca”, Jerome was the perfect child. With a IQ off the register, sight better than 20/20 for both eyes, heart of an ox, height of 6 foot 1, extreme physical ability especially in swimming and running, he was genetically superior and a member of the elite. Never having the experience of being under no.1 in his whole entire life, he was overwhelmed when he became second best at a swimming competition. He was overcome with shock that he did not meet his and everyone’s expectations and believed that he was no good, leading him to attempts of suicide. “Jerome Morrow was never meant to be one step down from the podium”

Cultural Revolution- Summative Task

For the Obstacles/ Cultural Revolution Unit, we explored different types of texts about the cultural revolution in China. The revolution was a political movement that began in 1966 that was led by Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao. Fearing foreign influence over the citizens of his country, he took away things related to foreign countries, such as heaters, fans and vases as they were imported from outside China and he severely criticized or sent intellectuals (doctors, teachers, lawyers) to labor camps as often, they learnt from teachers in other countries such as America. To reach his goals, Chairman Mao also gathered young people who followed Maoist doctrines and they became known as the Red Guards. The disrupted government operations and created chaos in the country. The Cultural Revolution caused tens of thousands of deaths and affected many people. The story of the revolution was told in different types of texts and I carefully observed and commented on the difference of language styles between the three excerpts.

Part 1: Commenting on Language

1. How is language used differently across different types of writing? Identify and explain the difference in language style, using examples from the 3 texts.

2. How does it change the message? Discuss the different messages you got from the different readings.

3. Briefly comment on which writing style is most appealing to you as a reader? Explain why.

Part 2: Content

Looking at the experiences of 2 different people Ling from Revolution and Lei from webpage excerpt, discuss the similarities and differences of their individual experiences. Focus on how they dealt with the “obstacle” that was the Cultural Revolution.

1. How did Ling  deal with the Revolution?

2. How did Lei deal with the Revolution?

3. How were Ling and Lei’s experiences similar and/or different?

4. Which perspective is most believable for you?  Why?

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Dystopian Literature Summative

For the Dystopian Literature Summative in English, I answered the following questions for two books, “The Giver” and “The Testing”.

1. What is the setting (time, place, atmosphere)? Which part of setting has the greatest effect on the character? How does it affect the character?

2. What are the causes of the dystopian societies in the reading? What has made them dystopian?

3. What messages or main themes are in the readings?

4. What similarities or parallels are there between the fictional world of the readings and our real world? What connection is there?

5. How ‘realistic’ are the readings? How likely did the authors ‘predict’ the future?


Winter Break Photo Journal

Over the winter break, we were given an assignment which was to take 25 photos based on different topics such as nature, pretty scenery and strong emotion. I really enjoyed the assignment as we got to share photos and memories from winter break. Everyone had unique memories and it was interesting how people had different perspectives of the topics. Sometimes, finding the right photo for the topic was difficult. For example, “Most Dreaded” was one of the most difficult topics as being in a dreadful situation does not occur often. Therefore, I used my creativity and looked at it at a different perspective. I really enjoyed it and I would like to do it again with different topics!


Culture Night

On Thursday, it was Culture Night and it was a very exciting event! It took an incredible amount of time and effort to prepare for it so it was a little tiring. However, it was very enjoyable as it felt good to present all the work we did. For math, Gry and I made a presentation powerpoint in which we combined the information for the four groups Government, Religion, Art & Architecture and Commerce & Leisure. Owing to Mr. Okada, who managed the slides, I was able to successfully present and give the speech. Thank you so much Mr. Okada!!!!

Click here to see the powerpoint we made!

Click here to see the script of my speech!

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My group which was G0vernment had to come up with the number and time systems of Charamba. In order to do so, we had to be very creative and also be thoughtful of how realistic the ideas were. In order to be able to discuss about possible ideas and to do our work quickly, we discussed on a document outside school and although it took a lot of time and effort to complete all the work, we felt extremely proud of ourselves when we finished it.

Math Speech at Culture Night

Math Speech at Culture Night

In order to explain the number and time systems well with visuals, I made posters about how the number system and the time system worked in Charamba. The pictures below are the pictures of the posters I made.

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Number System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

Charambian Time System Poster

In P.E., we created our own original dance and although sometimes creating moves and memorizing all of the moves was challenging, we practiced a lot and we were able to dance confidently at Culture Night. It was very enjoyable and I would like to thank Mr. Wilson and Ms. Ayumi for helping us during the process. Also, thank you Ms. Nishizawa for helping us during the face-painting and Ms. Sugiyama for taking the videos for the skits.

Dancing at Culture Night!

Dancing at Culture Night!

Click here to see us dancing!

In English, we created our own Charambian myths that were related to our topic. For example, I was in the Government group and therefore I wrote about why there are six leaders for each district. Creating the myth was very enjoyable and owing to Mr. Smailes and his detailed check of my story, I was able to create a good myth. Below is the link to the myth I wrote. I hope you enjoy it!


At Culture Night, we also held a Reader’s Theatre and we presented a myth. It was really exciting and I really enjoyed telling the myth.

Reader's Theatre at Culture Night

Reader’s Theatre at Culture Night

For science, we learnt how constellations and the night sky were associated with different cultures and learnt how people from all around the world viewed the beautiful night sky. Learning about the constellations and looking at the Planetarium was very fascinating and I had a lot of fun. Also, I really enjoyed looking at the colourful lights that Mr. Vest let us see as a treat. My table group made a poster about “Pisces”, a constellation that was important to the Charambian tribe.

Pisces Poster

Pisces Poster

In Humanities, we created the Charambian culture from scratch and although sometimes it was challenging as we had to be creative and create our own, unique culture, it was very, very enjoyable and it was extremely exciting to be able to present our own indigenous culture at Culture Night. Also, researching about what cultures did in the past was very interesting.

Click here to read my “The Government of Ancient Times” essay!

Below is the picture of the poster I made.

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

The Government of Ancient Times Poster

In Design, we made an artifact that was related to our topic. As I was in the Government group, I made a box called “Chakampa” that was used to determine which leader was responsibe for which village’s finance etc.

My Design Project!

My Design Project!

Owing to Mr. Mayhew and Mrs. Smailes’ guidance, I was able to make a well-made project and poster and also write a good research paper. Also as Mr. Mayhew gave us lots of useful tips when giving speeches and practiced a lot, it really payed off and I was able to confidently speak.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Okada, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Ayumi, Ms. Nishizawa, Mrs. Smailes, Ms. Sugiyama, Mr. Smailes, Mr. Vest and finally, Mr. Mayhew for organizing the whole event and other members who helped with the stage light. Thank you!!!!