Kibou no Mori (Summer Service)

On August 17th, I participated in the Kibou no Mori activity along with 3 other eco club members; two 8th graders and one 6th grader. We hiked up the mountain and cut weeds that were growing around the trees. It was the middle of summer and the weeds were growing very fast. We had to cut a large amount of the weeds, to prevent it from hindering the growth of the sakura trees we had planted earlier in the year, and ensure that it received enough sunlight. I was very happy to see that the trees we had planted ourselves were growing more sturdier and taller as months passed. I believe we contributed to the environment by helping the growth of the trees, which prevent landslides and most importantly, create oxygen which we cannot live without. I believe we also contributed to the community by maintaining the beautiful scenery of the mountain for the hikers. I believe I developed two MYP Service Learning Outcomes through this activity; Persevere in action, and Work collaboratively with others. I believe that I demonstrated the quality “Demonstrate persistence and perseverance in action and encourage this in others”, as despite the scorching weather and countless bugs that surrounded us which I severely disliked, I understood that as the only 9th grader, I should be setting an example as a role model, and persevered in my efforts to cut as many weeds as possible and encourage others to do the same through my actions. I also endeavored to “Maintain motivation of self and others through difficulty” by maintaining a positive attitude, and not complaining and smiling instead. I believe I developed the MYP Service Learning Outcome of working collaboratively with others as well, through demonstrating the quality “Take responsibility for own actions as part of the group and offers support for others.”, by ensuring that I fulfilled my duty of cutting as many weeds as I can in the limited amount of time. I think I could’ve worked on offering more support for my fellow eco club members by overcoming my timidness and conversing a bit more. Otherwise, I think I developed a lot mentally and it was a great opportunity to exercise my leadership and contribute to the environment and community. As I worked from 12:30~3:30, I believe I deserve 3 service points.img_5012


Eco Club Semester 2

As a member of eco club this semester, I tried to participate in activities and help out in hopes of preserving the environment and helping the community. I was not as active as last semester due to my very hectic schedule. However, I think I was able to positively impact the community throughout my actions and I learnt that it was important to take part in activities as even small actions combined together make big differences.

Tuesday Paper Sorting- 9 times ( 3 points)

Wednesday Recycling- 5 times ( 2.5 points)

Meeting- 1 time (0.5)

Total- 6 points

Sakura Planting

Yesterday, members from MS & HS eco club went to Rokko Mountain to plant sakura trees along the hiking route. We planted the trees along with other local groups that were working to preserve the greenery and tend to the plants on Rokko Mountain. Luckily, the weather was great despite the possibility of rain and the plum trees were blooming. There were about 120 participants in total and it was a pretty big-scale project. CA students gathered at Settsu Motoyama at 8:45 and the project started at 9:30. It started off with a speech by the organizers which was very long, and we exercised for a few minutes. I expected it to be ラジオ体操, which is a typical Japanese exercise done along the radio, but it wasn’t (not that it matters but… :P). After the exercise, we took a group photo (I am in the front row middle, and am wearing pink.) We separated into three groups; A, B and C. CA students were in A group and we were told to wear a helmet for safety. We soon started planting the trees and I enjoyed it very much. The view from the mountain was absolutely gorgeous, and it was very refreshing. I was able to successfully plant two trees, with the help of other participants, and I loved interacting and talking with them. Eating lunch amongst the beautiful plum trees was very delightful and was probably the definite highlight of the day. We wrapped up the project at about 1:00pm, which was earlier than planned. It was truly wonderful and also meaningful as an act of service. This activity helped preserve the beautiful greenery, helping the environment and also providing beautiful scenery for the hikers. I think I deserve 4 points for my participation and work. It was fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing the sakura trees bloom in April!







Eco Club Semester 1

As a member of eco club, I helped out and participated in activities in hopes of helping conserve the environment. Although I was not able to participate in all activities due to my hectic schedule, I tried my best to contribute to preserving the earth.

Paper Sorting 1 day before school– 2

Wednesday Recycling- 5 (10 times)

Kibou no Mori– 4 points (1 time)

Tuesday Paper Sorting- 3 points (20 minutes- 8 times= 2 hr 40 min)

Lunch Meetings- 1 point ( 2 times)

Total- 15 points


Kibou no Mori 1

On Sunday, I participated in the Kibou no Mori activity from 9:00~11:00 in which we cut weeds that would hindre the growth of the trees that were planted previously. By doing this activity, I helped the growth of the trees which is good for the environment along with taking a break from studying and having a fun time with my friends. It also had a good impact on the community as it improved the view for the hikers that climb the mountain. It felt nice being outdoors, breathing in fresh air and saying “konnichiwa” to the hikers who were climbing up the mountain and I am looking forward to participating in the next kibou no mori activity.


Paper Sorting

On the day before school, I helped move carts with huge stacks of paper and cardboard and sort the cards that were given from the students in Thailand. Since the carts were very heavy, it was hard work moving it as it did not move as easily as I thought. Also, the cards from the Thai Kids which were left for months were dusty and it was uncomfortable as I could see the dust floating around in the air. However, I was able to talk with my friends after not meeting them for 2 months and it was great! Although I had to leave early in order to help set up for the tech orientation, I helped from 10:50~11:30.

As a member of eco club, I would like to continue my work this year and contribute to saving the environment!

Eco Club Semester 2

As a new member of Eco Club this semester, the activities we did such as the Wednesday Recycling, Tuesday Paper Sorting and Kibou no Mori impacted me greatly as I learnt that small actions such as sorting out pet bottles, caps, cans (aluminum and steel), paper (color and white) and trash can greatly reduce resources being wasted as by recycling, the resources can be reused over and over again. I also became more aware of the importance of contributing to preserving the earth.

Wednesday Recycling- 4 (8 times)

Kibou no Mori- 8 points (2 times)

Tuesday Paper Sorting- 3 points (15 minutes – 12 times)

Lunch Meetings- 1 point (2 times)

Total- 16 Points


Kibou no Mori 2

On Sunday, Eco Club Members went to Kibou no Mori to cut the rapidly growing grass that hindered the growth of the trees we and other high school Eco Club Members had planted early in the year. We used shears to cut the long grass and dangerous branches with horns. The weather was pretty warm and there were wild berries growing. It was nice to go outdoors and have fun with friends while helping the steady growth of the plants and trees although there were spiders that I am not fond of. 😛

This activity was beneficial to the environment and it helped the community by providing oxygen to the citizens and it helped provide a beautiful landscape without long grasses and I felt good as I was helping the trees live in this world.



Kibou no Mori 1

March 4 2015

Today was the very first time I participated in the Kibou No Mori activity. It was a fantastic time for me as I was able to take a break from studying and get refreshed. The clean, frosty air felt very good and I was happy to help the environment. At the top of the mountain, we searched for flat stable ground that will help support the tree while it grew. There were a lot of fallen branches and leaves and it took some effort to clear the places and dig holes for the trees. After putting the tree in the hole, we attached bamboo sticks that will make sure the trees grow straight. We planted about 8 trees in total and it was a a great experience for me and I am looking forward to going to Kibou No Mori again in a few months!

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