As I wanted to have more in-depth and accurate knowledge about use of social media within the younger generation and since this was such a relevant issue to CA, I wanted to collect first-hand information from elementary students in CA. I sent out a survey with ten questions the teachers or 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. The questions asked about which grade the students are in, reason as to why they use social media,  what social media apps/ websites they use most often, parental permission, privacy settings, posting of content etc. and whether they read the terms and conditions presented before the creation of a new account etc.. The platform I used was surveymonkey.

I asked the following questions and provided the following options:

What grade are you in?

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

If you use social media apps or websites, why?

I want to look at what other people are posting!
I use it to talk with my friends!
I want to post my own content (videos, photos etc.)!
I don’t use social media apps/ websites!
My friends are using it, so I wanted to try it!

If not, why?

I’m not interested!
My guardian doesn’t allow me to have a social media account.

Do your parents know that you have an account?


What social media app/website do you use most often?


Do you post content (photos, videos etc.)?


Are your settings set to private?


If yes, why?

I know about the dangers of sharing information with strangers and only want to share my personal information with people I know.
I was told to keep my settings private by my parents, teachers, siblings etc.

Do you read the terms and conditions page before creating an account?


If not, why?

It’s way too long!
I’m not interested!
I didn’t know what it was so I just agreed.


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