The preparation for my personal project exhibition was relatively smooth. I printed out the following and displayed it on my board. My exhibition was successful. Alike me a lot of students and parents were shocked, presented by the reality of under-age use of social media. I received comments that the fact that I surveyed CA students made the issue more relevant and a lot of parents thought that my topic was a very important topic that should be covered especially with social media being a vital part of our daily lives. Additionally, parents said they they realized that they were very unaware of many aspects of social media including the under-age use of social media and what they were actually agreeing to when accepting the terms and conditions of applications such as instagram and said it was helpful that I presented tips to follow at the end. I receieved very pleasant comments about my display; they said it was eye-catching and immediately grasped their attention. That was my intention and thus I was very pleased to hear this. I also received encouraging comments regarding my video. The viewers said it was informational yet entertaining and many asked where they could access this video because they wanted to show it to their children. During the exhibition, I was not nervous and I was simply very excited to share my learnings and spread awareness about  the reality of social media use within the younger generation, who are extremely vulnerable to the dangers of social media yet are often not informed or fully aware of the dangers, the dangers that social media may bring upon its user, the pitfalls of social media and how to use social media more responsibly and safely.

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