Food Design: Shirataki Yakisoba Making of Final Product

My final product was Shirataki Yakisoba. My client was my brother and it is yakisoba, but using shirataki noodles as a healthy alternative for the noodles normally used. My goal was to help maintain my brother’s health by making him more open-minded about eating new foods that he would not eat otherwise, such as the shirataki noodles, and creating a dish that I could easily make despite my busy schedule that provides my brother with nutrients and is a healthy alternative for the foods he normally likes to eat, such as oily, fatty foods but still suits his taste.

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I was confident that I would be able to make my product successfully because I had done so during the first trial, and indeed I was able to successfully make my shirataki yakisoba in time, keeping in mind certain things that I wanted to improve on due to last time’s trial, such as making sure that the vegetables and meat etc. do not look burnt, but ensuring that are cooked well to avoid it from tasting uncooked. The process was smooth, I did not have to rush that much because on top of it being my second trial, I checked the time frequently, allocating parts of class time for each step of the process so that I do not run out of time.  I was debating of whether to ask my client (brother) to eat the yakisoba at school or I should take it back home using tupperware I had bought, and decided to take it back home. Afterwards, I received positive feedback and he said that the presentation was good, because he really wanted to eat it when he first saw my dish, and he said that since he likes yakisoba, he liked the  smell of the yakisoba sauce. Additionally, he said he liked the texture of the shirataki noodle, which I was pleased to hear and he said that he normally wouldn’t eat a lot of vegetables, but since it was with meat and noodles, it was easier to eat and in fact, he liked the taste of the vegetables, especially the carrots because they were sweet.

Although he was satisfied with the appearance, I believe it could’ve looked a little better. However at the same time, since it is a noodle dish, it is hard to make the dish look good because all of the ingredients are jumbled up together. However overall, I was able to meet all of my design specifications and I was satisfied with my final product.


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