Food Design: Shirataki Yakisoba Trial #1

My personal product I will be making is shirataki yakisoba. It is yakisoba (fried noodles), using shirataki as a healthy alternative for the noodles, with vegetables and pork.

The trial was relatively successful; I was able to make the intended product as planned in the amount of time provided. In fact, since my dish is a dish that can be made in around 20 minutes, I had time to help others in need after the completion of my product. I had written down the steps on a piece of a paper and thus the process was smooth. Below was the procedure of the making of my dish.

  1. Prepare and wash materials.
  2. Cut carrot into batonnet-size pieces.

3. Take off a few layers of the cabbage and slice it into bite-size pieces.

4. Cut pork into bite-size pieces.

5. Pour sesame oil on the frying pan.

6. Put in shirataki noodles and stir-fry.

6. Put carrots in.

7. Put pork in.

8. Put yakisoba sauce in and stir.

9. Finished!

After the completion of my product, I asked fellow classmates for feedback. Below are the responses.

  • I like the taste; you’ve done well with seasoning.
  • I like how you’ve included both vegetables and meat, which is healthy.
  • The carrots are a little firm.
  • The noodles are slightly burnt.

Using this feedback, I’d like to improve upon my product.


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