Food Design: Fruit and Veg Caviar

Throughout the past few lessons, we made fruit/veg caviar using agar-agar. Below is the procedure of making the fruit/ veg caviar.

  1. Prepare all materials
    • Fruit/ veg juice or juice of your choice
    • Grape oil
    • Measuring cup
    • Cold Water
    • Squeeze Bottle
    • Agar Agar Powder
    • Bowl
    • Mug Cup
    • Sieve
    • Measuring spoon
  2. Measure juice

3. Microwave the juice for ten seconds and take it out, checking the temperature until it is warm enough but not boiling.

4. While the juice is cooling down until room temperature, measure the agar-agar powder.

5. Stir the water and agar-agar powder until the texture is like kanten.

6. Mix the juice and agar-agar + water mixture.

7. Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle.

8. Put the grape oil in a class container and put it in a bowl with ice and water.

9. Using the squeeze bottle, drop droplets of the mixture into the oil, one by one, waiting for it to sink to the bottom.


9. Filter out the caviar.

10. It’s done!

For the first trial, the caviar clumped together, enabling us to only get a few caviar pieces of considerably good size. This is perhaps because we continuously dropped in the agar-agar-juice mixture in larger quantities, not allowing for the caviar to form first. Additionally, the water may have not been cold enough despite the fact that it was stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, we added ice, adding a bit of salt to lower the temperature as can be seen in the picture below.

Learning from this experience, we tried to carefully drop in the mixture using the squeeze bottle, allowing a few seconds to pass in between each drop so as not to make the same mistake as before. This was successful, because it allowed the droplets to be spread apart instead of being clumped together.