Personal Project Process Journal #2

Today, we did the chalk talk activity in which we discussed about the different global contexts, brainstorming and sharing ideas about projects, asking questions on where and how to start off etc., allowing us to narrow down our goal and have a better idea about how to make the first step towards completing our project. I have refined my goal by further considering the outcome of my project. My ultimate goal is to further the understanding of internet security/ safety amongst students, primarily ES who are starting to use downloaded applications and social media that allow them to share aspects of their life with friends but bring dangers at the same time, ultimately helping to compassionately impact the world, which is our school mission. My project meets the SQUAD goals. It is a sustainable project because this project is something I really want to accomplish despite the large amount of time and effort required to complete the project.  The project is indeed challenging, because it requires me to do background  research in order to find out which apps are commonly used amongst elementary students, do further research in order to interpret and analyze the terms and conditions, and communicate the complicated content in a more comprehensible way, ultimately helping the audience to better understand the content of the terms and conditions page, which is almost always overlooked, and realize the danger of doing so. My global context is “Fairness and Development” because I believe my project relates to the “rights and responsibilities” portion, because everyone has the right to feel safe while enjoying the advantages of social media apps and in this case, knowing exactly what they are agreeing to when agreeing to terms and conditions, and are responsible for their actions. I believe my project is achievable; It is indeed a very time-consuming task but I believe that the completion of the project is achievable through careful planning, The outcome will probably be a product based on a game as game-based learning often has the best effects when teaching a younger audience. and my purpose is written above. Although this is very time-consuming and tedious, I believe I can accomplish my project by getting a good head start during the summer. I believe that my first step is to research about internet security, and apps commonly used by the audience I am aiming for.






Personal Project Process Journal #1

The topic I want to focus on is interpreting and translating the terms and conditions of a widely-used application such as instagram, into easier words. I have taken interest in this because I am interested in a career related to law. I am interested in learning more about laws, regulations and people’s rights. My project will not necessary involve service. Currently, this project seems like a very big project; what can be the first step to know more about the topic?