The Lost Thing Artist’s Statement

For our last unit, we looked at the film adapted from “The Lost Thing”, a picture book written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The Lost Thing is a dystopian story about a dark, colorless society where everything is in complete order and everything looks the same. One day, while collecting bottle caps for his collection, the boy comes across a strange creature but cannot find the identity or the source of the creature. When the boy seeks help from a government agency, a creature tells him that the agency will only try to hide and make him forget about unusual things or things out of order such as the strange creature, and gives him a card with an arrow on it. After a lot of searching for the sign, he follows it to fine an utopian land for lost things where it was colorful and had many different creatures unlike the city where everything was gloomy and was in perfect order. I think the message the book was trying to telling us was that diversity and uniqueness should be embraced and we should not be afraid to be different. Using the creatures in the picture book as inspiration, I designed my own creature.

Photo on 5-30-16 at 2.38 PM

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