Brain Make-a-Map

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.29.20 AM

The map above briefly explains the human brain. The largest part of the brain is called the cerebrum and it interprets input from the senses such as hearing, touching, smelling, remembering, tasting and seeing, carries out complex mental processes such as learning and remembering. The cerebrum is divided into a right and left half or hemispheres. The right half is usually known for the creative and artistic ability. The left half is associated with mathematical skills and logical thinking. The cerebellum coordinates the actions of muscles and helps maintain balance. For example when a person walks, the impulses tell the feet to start moving. The cerebellum gives us the muscular coordination and sense of balance that keeps us from falling down and being steady. The brain stem, which is located between the cerebellum and spinal cord controls our body’s involuntary actions. For example, neurons in the brain stem regulate our breathing and help us control our heartbeat.

IB Recital Accompaniment

On March 17th, I played the piano accompaniment for two pieces Aika was playing for her IB recital. The two pieces were LOVE by Nat King Cole and Air Varié No. 6. I really liked the two pieces and I had a lot of fun throughout the process of practicing the pieces. I was awed by Aika’s skill in playing the violin and singing so it was a wonderful experience being able to play along with her. The performance turned out very well and after weeks of practicing, I felt that our effort payed off and I really loved the experience overall. Also as an act of service, I think I earned 20 points.

Below are the mp3s of the pieces.


Air Varié No. 6