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On February 6th and 7th, the annual Google Summit was held at CA. Tech helpers including myself helped out by standing in the corridors, welcoming all of the participants and helping them find classrooms etc. The day started off early and it was quite chilly. As a lot of the participants had come to the summit directly, they had brought their suitcases, so we guided them to the storage room and then to the cafeteria, where they ate their breakfast. At 8:30, the keynote started and we guided everyone towards the auditorium. During the breaks between sessions, we stood in the hallways and helped anyone who was confused as to where the classrooms were etc. During free time, I got to know high school tech helpers and I had such a wonderful time talking to them as they made me laugh so hard that I cried and although everyone must have thought we were crazy, it was such a fun experience and I felt I learnt a lot of weird things from them that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I helped out from 7:00~16:00 on Saturday and 7:00~11:48 on Sunday. Like last year, it was a very enjoyable and less hectic experience and it was worth it although I had to wake up very early the next morning for the ski trip. Also, I think it was very meaningful as an act of service as I helped the community by ensuring that they had an enjoyable experience at the summit and felt welcomed.

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  1. Hi Yumi-
    Thanks again for all your hard work with the Google Summit this year. I agree, it was a lot less stressful this year! If we host it again next year, you’ll have to really help out Mr. Smith and the new Librarian/Tech teacher who will be hosting it!

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    • Dear Mrs. Lemley,

      Thank you for your comment! I can’t wait to help out next year as well although I will really miss youu!! 🙁


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