Sakura Planting

Yesterday, members from MS & HS eco club went to Rokko Mountain to plant sakura trees along the hiking route. We planted the trees along with other local groups that were working to preserve the greenery and tend to the plants on Rokko Mountain. Luckily, the weather was great despite the possibility of rain and the plum trees were blooming. There were about 120 participants in total and it was a pretty big-scale project. CA students gathered at Settsu Motoyama at 8:45 and the project started at 9:30. It started off with a speech by the organizers which was very long, and we exercised for a few minutes. I expected it to be ラジオ体操, which is a typical Japanese exercise done along the radio, but it wasn’t (not that it matters but… :P). After the exercise, we took a group photo (I am in the front row middle, and am wearing pink.) We separated into three groups; A, B and C. CA students were in A group and we were told to wear a helmet for safety. We soon started planting the trees and I enjoyed it very much. The view from the mountain was absolutely gorgeous, and it was very refreshing. I was able to successfully plant two trees, with the help of other participants, and I loved interacting and talking with them. Eating lunch amongst the beautiful plum trees was very delightful and was probably the definite highlight of the day. We wrapped up the project at about 1:00pm, which was earlier than planned. It was truly wonderful and also meaningful as an act of service. This activity helped preserve the beautiful greenery, helping the environment and also providing beautiful scenery for the hikers. I think I deserve 4 points for my participation and work. It was fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing the sakura trees bloom in April!







Tech Team Semester 1

As the leader of tech team this semester, I participated in numerous activities and events including the new student tech orientation during open house, G4 Active Citizenship Fair and Service Fair. I also helped out Ms. Shigeta at Animation Club and Minecraft Club. I enjoyed interacting with young students and see them use technology with such enthusiasm! I think the G4 Active Citizenship Fair was my favourite event as I was surprised when the students listened to our presentation intently and were very enthusiastic, asking many questions so they can learn more about the Tech Team. I was also very delighted as they recognized me from the video Masao and I made to promote online safety, and did not hesitate to talk to me or ask me any questions. I have enjoyed being a member of the tech team so far and I can’t wait to see what fun opportunities semester 2 will bring!


SBC Semester 1

Throughout Semester 1, I think I grew as a member of the SBC, taking on more responsibilities and striving to make school a better, more enjoyable learning environment for students.  This year, I became more aware of my role / position as an 8th grader in the SBC and tried to be a leader, leading discussions and contributing more often than last year. I also helped out at many events such as the SBC sponsored dance, Back to School Night, G4 Active Citizenship Fair and I am currently helping to promote Pink Shirt Day, which is an anti-bullying campaign, and prepare for the upcoming SBC Sponsored Dance.



Eco Club Semester 1

As a member of eco club, I helped out and participated in activities in hopes of helping conserve the environment. Although I was not able to participate in all activities due to my hectic schedule, I tried my best to contribute to preserving the earth.

Paper Sorting 1 day before school– 2

Wednesday Recycling- 5 (10 times)

Kibou no Mori– 4 points (1 time)

Tuesday Paper Sorting- 3 points (20 minutes- 8 times= 2 hr 40 min)

Lunch Meetings- 1 point ( 2 times)

Total- 15 points